John Bolton raised over $2.3 million in 2nd Quarter


The Washington Post reports the latest news on former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton:

His political action committee and super PAC (PACs can give limited donations to political candidates, while super PACs can collect unlimited donations for independent expenditures such as campaign ads) — formed to support hawkish candidates and make national security an issue on the midterm campaign trail — raised more than $2.3 million during the Federal Election Commission’s second filing quarter, from more than 20,000 donations. More important, the groups still have about $3 million in the bank ready to burn. Unlike many super PACs, which have spent big during a primary season defined by intraparty squabbles, Bolton’s super PAC has been saving for the big show. Most of the expenditures have been related to consulting and fundraising — and have been minimal.

The author of the piece attributes Bolton’s fundraising to online contributions and direct mail. In addition to specific online fundraising activities, Bolton’s super PAC has been engaged in list building with petitions and sponsored tweets promoting those petitions (on Iran, Israel, and Obama.) The super PAC has $2.5 million on hand.

Bolton’s PAC has $400,000 on hand.  So far, it has given money to Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst, Terri Lynn Land, Mitch McConnell, Martha McSally, Barbara Comstock, Adam Kinzinger, Robert Dold, and Mike Pompeo.

It doesn’t appear Bolton will be running for President in 2016 at this point, but that could change.


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Jeff Quinton

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