Notre Dame named most delusional college sports fan base

Notre Dame Leprechaun rates Notre Dame Football Fans as #1 in The 10 Most Delusional Fan Bases In College Sports:

Is there a more overrated team in all of sports? Over the last 20 years, the Fighting Irish are a woeful 3-10 in the most important games of them all — bowl games. Plus, they posted an 0-4 record in BCS bowl contests, including a 42-14 whooping at the hands of Alabama in the 2012 BCS title game. They haven’t won a national title since 1988.

Despite these blatant facts, Notre Dame fans still consider the Fighting Irish to be an elite program. Need more proof? Notre Dame has only two 10-win seasons since 1994. Northwestern also has two 10-win seasons since 1994. That’s all you need to know.

The fans of the Fighting Irish are as delusional as any in all of college sports. They view their team as an elite and respected program even though they have had relatively no real success for an entire generation. Obviously Notre Dame has an extensive history, one of the grandest in all of college football, but that history is buried deep in the past. But good luck getting any Fighting Irish fans to admit that.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Notre Dame Football Fans
  2. Kentucky Basketball Fans
  3. Arkansas Football Fans
  4. Indiana Basketball Fans
  5. Oregon Football Fans
  6. Syracuse Basketball Fans
  7. Alabama Football Fans
  8. UCLA Basketball Fans
  9. Michigan Football Fans
  10. South Carolina Football Fans

I have to also excerpt the #10 entry in the list since the state of South Carolina was named #1 for college football thanks to the Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers:

The Gamecocks’ fans see their beloved program as one of the best in the SEC. But in order to be the best, you do have to win some big bowl games, right? Sure the Gamecocks have won three consecutive postseason games, but not once in the entire 16-year era did they even play in a BCS contest. Furthermore, in the 22 years that SC has played in the SEC, they’ve finished with a losing record in-conference 12 times. It’s only been the last three seasons, which all featured 11 wins, that South Carolina has put up double-digit victories since moving conferences.

Many South Carolina fans consider the Gamecocks an elite program but it is far, far too premature to put them in that category. They have had some big personalities come through Columbia lately, including the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft Jadeveon Clowney and their current coach Steve Spurrier. The attention that these personalities have received, much of it off the field, has helped build South Carolina fan’s delusion considerably.

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Jeff Quinton

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