Larry Hogan should do this on Day 1


I remember a news story from the day Gov. Martin O’Malley was sworn in the first time in 2007 that dealt with the lightning speed with which state government workers replaced the small signs attached to all the highway welcome signs at the borders and at places like the Key Bridge in Baltimore. Pretty quickly after O’Malley became governor the old Bob Ehrlich signs were taken down and the new ones (see above) were put up. I’ve heard anecdotally that Ehrlich was the first governor to add these signs, but I have yet to see anything authoritative. [Update: I have since heard that there were signs for Governors Glendening and Schaeffer.]

Clarification – I am referring solely to the bottom portion with the name of the governor. That is actually a separate sign.

When Larry Hogan becomes governor these O’Malley signs should come down and not be replaced with Hogan ones. The production and installation of these signs might be a small number relative to the overall state budget, but the symbolism is important. It would be further proof of Hogan’s commitment to efficient stewardship of the taxes paid by the hard-working people of Maryland.
Placing a portrait of the new governor and lieutenant governor in every state building probably should not be completely eliminated, but that is another early task that can be looked at to make sure it’s done as inexpensively as possible.

Another matter of signage that became more prevalent after all the federal stimulus project signs included the name of President Barack Obama on them is the state government construction project sign that basically brags a governor, lieutenant governor, and local officials brought government largesse to a particular area. This is something else that should be looked at as a place to cut government spending.

Larry Hogan can help reinforce his overall message just by doing these simple things.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Jeff-
    While I typically see your point on items in your blog… I beg to differ with you on this point. I think the signs should not only stay up since they are paid for already but just chop off the bottom part with O’Malley’s name and replace it with an “Open for Business” Thank you!
    Gov. Hogan & Lt. Gov. Rutherford
    That’s my 2 cents! I even bet we could get a private company to pay for the signage adaptations around the State verses tax-payors money! Best, EJ

  2. The bottom portion with the governor’a name is a separate sign – that’s all I am referring to getting rid of.

  3. I believe there was a big dust up in AA Co when Janet Owens was trying to keep up with the PG County Exec at the time and had her name installed in metal letters on the brick signs as you enter the county at various parts. Going from memory, I believe they came down when Leopold was elected and never replaced.