Reports: MD, NY Police were warned of BGF threats to officers

Dan Bongino posted the above photo last night regarding a 12/5 NYPD intelligence report:

The attached picture was sent to me by a former NYPD colleague of mine a little while ago. It is a warning sent out weeks ago to the officers of the NYPD about a credible threat to their lives.

Justin Fenton discusses similar reports:

Elise Armacost, a Baltimore County Police spokeswoman, said officers tracking Brinsley’s posts and the location of his cellphone notified the NYPD’s 70th precinct of the threats against officers in a phone call at 2:10 p.m.

Bratton told reporters that the warnings were received just as the officers were shot.

“The tragedy here is that just as the warning was coming in, the murder was occurring,” Bratton said.

The shooting comes at a time of heightened tensions amid grand jury decisions in the police-involved deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in New York, among other incidents. Bratton said police were investigating Brinsley’s background to see what role his anti-police messages played in the shooting.

In New York, police were reacting by instructing officers not to take enforcement action “unless absolutely necessary,” the New York Times reported. A memo circulated by the police officers union also said at least two units were to respond to all calls, “no matter the condition or severity.”

More from Fenton on warnings issued by the FBI:

On Friday, the Baltimore FBI office issued a memo that the Black Guerrilla Family gang was targeting “white cops” in Maryland, an agency spokeswoman confirmed. The memo, circulating among officers, said a contact who had given reliable information in the past said members of the gang ā€” connected to the high-profile corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center ā€” were planning to target white officers to “send a message.”

A federal law enforcement official said Brinsley had no known ties to the BGF.

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