Bongino: NYC Mayor de Blasio should “resign in disgrace”

Dan Bongino, former NYPD officer and former Secret Service agent called on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to “resign in disgrace” today on Neal Cavuto’s Fox News show today. Video is below the transcript at the bottom of this post.

Breitbart has details:

“He [de Blasio] almost made the case against voting in people like Mayor de Blasio…he has an ideological problem, Charles. He doesn’t have a policy problem. this is a man who believes in the advancement and trading of chaos, believes in the destruction of American institutions, he subscribes to an ideology that is so un-American and if that press conference didn’t just drive that home, and, Charles, to double down on the embarrassment for this man, to blame the media, the New York City media, that has covered for this guy, the large majority of them, that was would humiliating experience and should be reason alone for this man to resign in shame tomorrow” he declared.

Bongino continued, “I have a number of friends I went through the police academy with almost 19 years ago that call me and text me all the time and said that during these protests, ‘yes, we absolutely respect at the right to peacefully protest. No question.’ They were told basically to stand down, let them blow off steam, despite the fact, Charles, that there were people out there who were never interested in peaceful protests. They were interested in spitting in police officers’ faces, pushing these people.”

He denied that the rift between de Blasio and the cops is not like usual disagreements between police unions and City Hall, stating “When i was a police officer we had some arguments with mayor giuliani…it was never, and let me be clear on this, it was never about Mayor Giuliani not actually backing up his own police department. these were arguments about financial arrangements…these were never about a mayor who doesn’t believe in his own police department. These are, what I said when we opened up the segment, these are ideological differences, this man is unfit to lead.”

Jeff Quinton

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