Pope Francis called “anti-Christ” by GOP pols

Pope FrancisPolitico brings us a story that tells us a “New Hampshire state representative who supports Donald Trump referred to the pope as the ‘anti-Christ’ in a Facebook post thread.”

Plenty of Trump supporters, some of whom might even be conservative Republicans, made similar comments after the Pope’s comments on immigration last week.

DeLemus chickened out after the story came to light. She made her Twitter feed private and it appears she deleted all the comments on the Facebook thread she originally made the remarks on.

Her original comment:

“The Pope is the anti-Christ. Do your research,” DeLemus wrote, following up in the thread saying “I’m not sure who the Pope truly has in his heart.”

After Politico called her, she tried to back out of her statement about Pope Francis but she ends up making an even more offensive ones as far as Catholics are concerned:

DeLemus on Monday told POLITICO she was actually referring to the papacy.

“I was actually referencing the papacy. And what I wrote after that ‘do your research,’ if you read the Geneva Bible, which is the Bible I use when we study, the commentary is—actually by the founders of the United States actually, the Protestant Church—their commentary references the papacy as the anti-Christ,” DeLemus said. “And I think actually in one part of it, and I don’t remember who it was that wrote it, there was one of the popes that they had referenced as the anti-Christ. So that’s all I was referring to, the papacy, not particularly that one particular pope because the papacy is a seat. It’s not just one person.”

She added, “I’m not saying the pope is going to start growing horns and a tail and start poking people.”

Sure, dig your hole deeper by saying the embodiment of a major doctrine of the Catholic Church through its entire history is the anti-Christ  instead of just saying the current occupant of the chair of Peter is.

Her ignorance of Catholic doctrine on infallibility is a common one:

But DeLemus didn’t shy away from weighing in on Pope Francis’ comments.

“I’m not Catholic so I don’t think he’s infallible. I believe he’s fallible just like the rest of us,” DeLemus said. “I’m really not a respecter of men. It’s really God I respect, and he’s the head and the leader.”

Only one Pope has ever spoken infallibly according to Catholic doctrine, and that was in 1950. Nothing Pope Francis has ever said has been infallible, and no Catholic believes that.

DeLemus continues:

DeLemus added that she didn’t think it was “fair for the pope, or anyone else for that matter, to judge whether anyone else is Christian or not. Some people who have accepted Christ believe they’re Christian and then they fall away. Or they never had salvation or they do have it. That’s not really our business. For me, I love Jesus Christ. I believe he is the son of God. I love God and I believe I am a saved sinner. That’s who I am. And that’s how I try to live my life. And as you can see I’m completely fallible and human and make mistakes as we all do.

Of course, Francis wasn’t referring to anyone’s salvation and even referenced the fact he was giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.

Maryland GOP Candidate Also Called Pope Francis the Anti-Christ

On February 6, Christopher Mason made the above tweet referring to Pope Francis as “the biggest anti-Christ figure on earth.”

After last week’s comments by the Pope, Mason (apparently a Trump supporter) also made remarks critical of the Pope and showing he was slightly clearer on infallibilty than DeLemus but still not totally.

Mason is a candidate for the Republican nomination in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District.

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