Ben Carson set to drop out Tuesday night?

Ben CarsonIs Tomorrow Ben Carson’s Last Stand?

Earlier tonight, I received an email from Drew Ballesteros, a campaign finance associate with the Ben Carson campaign. I’m assuming it just went to subscribers to the campaign email list within a certain radius of Baltimore (you’ll see why shortly.)

If it weren’t for the subject line (“Jeff, Your Free RSVP to Dr. Ben Carson’s Election Night Party!”), I would have expected it to be just be one of the other fundraising emails – like the ones Cruz and Rubio have been sending all day – for the end of the month.

The event is free and in downtown Baltimore Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Looking at the venue website, the room it will be in holds 400. There is a VIP photo opportunity after Dr. Carson speaks, which costs $250. This may be the norm now but every VIP photo opportunity at a political event I’ve been to took place beforehand.

While Dr. Carson has said he isn’t dropping out because people are still sending him donations, he is only at four total delegates heading into Super Tuesday and it is extremely doubtful his overall position will be improved much at all by Tuesday’s voting.

The Maryland Primary is April 26 and none of the upcoming primaries after Super Tuesday are anywhere close by.

Add in the fact that tomorrow’s event is in Baltimore, where he earned all of his acclaim as an amazing surgeon at Johns Hopkins, and I am going to speculate that Carson may be choosing to drop out of the 2016 presidential race in Baltimore tomorrow night.

I’m assuming he still owns his Baltimore County home, so he can pick up a suit  there instead of heading back to Florida to get a change of clothes, like he supposedly did the night of the Iowa caucuses.

I don’t have any inside sources in the Carson campaign. This is just an educated guess on my part. Not to toot my own horn too much – I’ve done pretty well on that kind of thing before.

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