Kathy Szeliga rides motorcyle in new ad

kathy szeliga

Kathy Szeliga, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, debuted her new television ad over the weekend in advance of the April 26 primary. The Baltimore Sun called it, “an energetic introductory spot in which the state lawmaker rides a motorcycle, touts her status as a grandmother and criticizes Washington.”

More on the ad from The Sun:

“Washington is broken,” Szeliga, the House Minority Whip says to the camera. “Career politicians and D.C. insiders, they’re just not going to fix it.”

The ad — the first from any of the GOP candidates in Maryland — name checks Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and touts Republican efforts in Annapolis to roll back the “rain tax” and lower tolls. About halfway through the ad, Szeliga hops on a motorcycle and takes a spin.

“It’s only 52 miles from my house to D.C.,” Szeliga says, “but can you think of a place that needs more change?”

Szeliga’s campaign did not detail the extent of its investment, but public FCC files indicate she has purchased broadcast airtime on Baltimore’s major networks and has committed roughly $100,000. That figure may not represent the full extent of the buy.

Also in the past week, Szeliga was endorsed by Maryland Right to Life in the Primary. She is a member of the National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus and has a strong pro-life track record.

Watch the Kathy Szeliga Ad

In the next two weeks, be sure to follow my coverage of the primary races from a pro-life perspective.

Szeliga has a long list of endorsements on her website that I won’t try to include.

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