Sheila Dixon compared herself to Jesus

Sheila Dixon

Sheila Dixon is running for Mayor of Baltimore this  year. The former mayor is trying to mount a comeback attempt similar to Marion Barry’s in DC. She has been reported near the top of polls for the Democratic Primary next Tuesday, with Sen. Catherine Pugh running neck and neck with her in some polls. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced she would not run for re-election in the wake of the riots in Baltimore in 2015.

Dixon was found guilty of taking gift cards that were donated to the city to benefit poor children and using them for her own personal gains. Items including a video camera purchased with the cards were found in her home. There were several other charges against her including taking luxury gifts and travel from a developer doing business with the city. Baltimore Brew has all the details

Dixon received probation before judgement in a plea deal that required her to leave office, perform community service and pay restitution. Notably, this agreement didn’t prevent her from running for office again and it allowed her to keep her $83,000 per year pension.

Sheila Dixon Email on Easter Sunday talked of her “Resurrection”

Josh Kurtz of Center Maryland wrote about Dixon and her apparent lack of contrition hurting her campaign. He then cited an email that was sent on Easter:

A little-noticed email she sent to supporters on Easter Sunday drove that point home.

If you read that email a certain way, far from being contrite, Dixon seemed to compare herself to Jesus.

“The resurrection is the greatest comeback!” – she wrote, calling Baltimoreans “conquerors,” not unlike Jesus’ disciples, equipped to overcome “whatever fear, despair or disappointment you have.”

“Together, we will Reclaim, Revive, Rebuild and Resurrect our city,” she promised.

The author of the email tried to get a bit too cute with the concept, and that’s why we’re now hearing about it in the press.

Let’s look at some of the things Dixon was indicted for to see how bad the comparison to Jesus is:

Dixon was charged with using $2,000 of gift cards from Best Buy and Target that were donated by a developer for the poor children of Baltimore for her own personal use. This included the purchase of video game consoles.

She was charged with not disclosing gifts and trips from her boyfriend, who was a city subcontractor.

The trips from her boyfriend included $13,00 spent on traveling to Boston, Chicago, Colorado, and The Bahamas.

Additionally, Sheila Dixon’s shopping sprees with her boyfriend included stops at St. John Boutique, Saks Fifth Avenue, Coach, and Giorgio.

Baltimore Brew has more details on the gifts and travel including a stay at the Trump International Hotel and a gift certificate for a mink coat from her developer boyfriend.

In my opinion, the only appropriate mention of Jesus in this context would be to talk about what he did to the moneychangers at the Temple.

The city of Baltimore has had enough problems with corruption and incompetence over the past several years, it doesn’t need to have its own “Mayor for Life” in Sheila Dixon.

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