Kasich event with Bob Ehrlich likely off

KasichAccording to reports, John Kasich is making some sort of announcement in Columbus this afternoon, presumably about the suspension of his campaign. He also cancelled a planned press conference at Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia.

I would presume that means tonight’s fundraiser hosted by former Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich for the Kasich campaign in Annapolis is cancelled. If not, it likely means Kasich just won’t be there and Ehrlich will be the big draw (ha!).

The event was scheduled to be at the Crowne Plaza with a roundtable starting at 5:30 p.m., a VIP photo op reception from 6:00-6:30, and a general reception from 6:30-7:30. Ticket prices were set at $2700 for the roundtable, $1000 for the VIP photo op reception, and $250 for the general reception.

More details were posted on the Maryland for Kasich Facebook page:

kasich ehrlich

There has been no update on the Maryland for Kasich Facebook page and nothing at all on events anywhere is listed on the campaign website.

Irrelevant: John Kasich and Bob Ehrlich

Before his endorsement of Kasich, Ehrlich was stuck doing fundraisers for people like Pat McDonough. Ehrlich’s star has fallen quickly since his 2010 loss.

In early 2014, Ehrlich told Richard Sher he would be the last Republican governor elected in Maryland.

Just a few months later, Larry Hogan was elected and Ehrlich’s position as the senior elected official in the party evaporated overnight.

Ehrlich has struggled to sell books since he left office and he toyed with running for President even though one analyst referred to him as a seventh-tier candidate ahead of the campaign cycle.

His irrelevance continued into the 2016 primaries with his advocacy for Kasich who never was really an option for most Maryland Republican voters until the field narrowed to Kasich, Cruz, and Trump. At least Ehrlich has a nice cushy lobbying job and doesn’t have to rely on book sales to put food on the table.


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