Elijah Cummings doesn’t drive for Lyft in DC

Elijah CummingsRep. Elijah Cummings isn’t driving for Lyft… but his daughter is.

She has been driving his car with Congressional license plates, which allow special parking privileges, reportedly to make money until she finds a full-time job.

POPville, a DC blog, first took note of it last week after a report someone was driving a car with congressional license plates in the Mt. Pleasant section of the District. Today, WMAL filled in some facts on the initial report.

His daughter is a recent graduate of Howard University and looking for full time employment. This appears to be the same child that was the subject of a paternity suit against Cummings filed by Debora Ricks in 1995.

More from WMAL:

“In an effort to earn some extra money to pay her expenses at school, she signed up for a part-time position with one of the ride-sharing companies,” Cummings said. “They, in turn, gave her a sticker to apply to the windshield of the car.”

Cummings added that he has asked his daughter to remove the congressional plates, which afford special parking privileges for members and staffers.

The congressman says he’s told her she can continue to use his car without the tag while she pursues full-time employment.

Cummings apologized in a statement for not removing the license plate before loaning the vehicle.

The Hill and The Washington Post have more.

Elijah Cummings’ financial woes

There was a time when Cummings himself might have wished for an avenue for extra money like Lyft or Uber.

In light of Rep. Elijah Cummings’ spirited defense of the IRS during recent hearings about a scandal in the agency during the Obama administration, I wrote about his own checkered financial and tax history on more than one occasion, and the things he said about the Internal Revenue Service in The Baltimore Sun and another publication.

Reports that I detailed noted that Cummings had severe financial problems that included:

  • owing the IRS more than $30,000 (he eventually paid it all back)
  • violating campaign finance laws by having a donor co-sign a $15,000 loan
  • creditors filing suit for around $24,000 in overdue debt
  • owing child support following the birth of two children out of wedlock

One report from 1999 indicated that Rep. Elijah Cummings had paid about $30,000 in child support in tuition payments the previous year. The same report noted that he had a college-aged daughter, a teenage son, and a 4-year old daughter back then. The story noted that the younger two children were born out of wedlock.

Presumably this four-year old daughter in 1999 is the one who has been driving his car around DC for Lyft and was the subject of the paternity suit in 1995.

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