O’Malley ally politicizes MD flood deaths

O'Malley ally Jim RosapepeState Senator Jim Rosapepe, Democratic Party ally of former governor and failed presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, has already politicized the deaths of Saturday night’s Ellicott City flooding.

The Baltimore Sun reports on Rosapepe’s comments implying climate change is at fault for the flooding that caused two deaths.

Specifically, Rosapepe asked, “Did climate change kill two people in Ellicott City this weekend?”

Other comments from Rosapepe in the article in The Sun:

“It would be very naive if we did not see this as part of climate change. Those of us who live upland are really impacted by climate change, and this is the perfect example.”

“It’s a little bit like terrorism, in that we don’t know what nut-job is going to shoot someone else. But we do know that there are nut-jobs out there that are likely to shoot someone. So we have to prepare ourselves.”

“Ellicott City was built for the climate of the 19th century. It’s beautiful, and that’s why we love it. But it needs to be built to be safe for the 21st century climate.”

Rosapepe’s Praise of O’Malley

In 2015, Rosapepe wrote what I termed a “love note” to O’Malley in The Hill ahead of what became an embarassing presidential campaign.

Among other things, he called O’Malley a “Pope Francis Democrat” wh o would run on his Catholic values – while ignoring the fact that Pope Francis has consistently spoken out against abortion and in favor of traditional marriage.

Rosapepe’s comments on the flooding in Ellicott City this weekend are channeling his hero O’Malley. O’Malley never let the chance to be a partisan hack go to waste. O’Malley even went after the George W. Bush administration well after they were gone from Washington during a press conference ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

It’s shameful that Rosapepe would give this interview less than 48 hours after two people lost their lives in Saturday night’s flooding.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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