Latinos for Trump founder: 14 bankruptcies

Latinos for TrumpMarco Gutierrez, co-founder of Latinos for Trump, appeared on MSNBC Thursday evening. If you live under a rock, you may not have heard what he said.

In addition to those comments, his business credentials appear to be sketchy at best. He and his wife have filed a total of 14 bankruptcy cases. California revoked his real estate license in 2011 for surreptitiously taking money out of a client’s account, illegally collecting fees, and for engaging in real estate activities on a suspended license.

Gutierrez told Joy Reid last night that, “My culture is a very dominant culture and it’s imposing and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re gonna have taco trucks on every corner.”

The remarks took the internet by storm overnight with memes, hashtags, and countless posts. The comments followed Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico and subsequent remarks on illegal immigration in a Phoenix speech.

Since then, several members have left the National Hispanic Advisory Council for Trump.

More on the Co-Founder of Latinos for Trump

Marco Gutierrez attended the University of Phoenix and received a degree from Kaplan University, according to his Linkedin profile. He also lists himself as an autodidact under his education.

Gutierrez appears to have started his career as a used car salesman. He also worked for and Realty World, according to his profile. He was also the founder and owner of Hidalgo Properties in Antioch, California for almost six years. He currently lists himself as the founder of Pepito International and Vice President of Operations for the American Dream Housing Agency Corporation.

A Facebook page for Pepito International is not active recently and also goes to a web domain that has no actual site on it. The American Dream Housing Agency page on Facebook has only been liked by four people.

A court record that reads like a soap opera reveals that Gutierrez and his wife Jennifer filed a total of fourteen (combined or individual) bankruptcy filings. The records also reveal that Marco Gutierrez had his real estate license revoked by the State Department of Real Estate in 2011.

Gutierrez lost his license “for various violations, including the surreptitious taking of money from the bank account of Mr. Oscar Garzon, the illegal collection of fees in advance of a modification for the same individual and his wife, and for [Gutierrez] acting in the real estate field on suspended licenses.”

Also from that court record, Gutierrez and his wife filed “a total of 14 bankruptcy cases (either jointly or individually).”

Another firm, Home Retention Team, was doing business without a real estate license in California. Both members of the Gutierrez couple were involved with HRT as well. Other records from the Department of Real Estate show more details.

Marco Gutierrez, co-founder of Latinos for Trump, also lists multiple awards from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) on his Linkedin profile. He gave a handful of small contributions to the NRCC with his occupation listed as owner of Hidalgo Properties.

The Facebook profile of Mr. Gutierrez also shows his pictures with plenty of luminaries from the GOP and the right, including Tomi Lahren of Blaze TV (pictured with Gutierrez in the above photo.) Be sure to read the vitriol and venom he has received from commenters (many of them Latino) on his public pro-Trump status updates.

Some people might find it just a bit ironic that the co-founder of Latinos for Trump lost his real estate license over shady practices and has filed, along with his wife, fourteen separate bankruptcy cases.

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