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Georgetown athlete tased at Beyonce concert

GeorgetownWBFF (Fox 45) reported that 21-year old Georgetown student Ebony McKeever “returned to Gate A at M&T Bank Stadium to try re-entering the stadium and was advised by security officials she could not get in.”

Police reported she became disorderly and assaulted police officers dealing with her. She broke away after having one hand placed in a handcuff and started swinging the arm with the handcuffs attached. That was when police tased her and took her into custody. She was so uncooperative that she even refused to give them her name.

Police filed eight charges against McKeever, whowas treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

More from WBFF on the charges:

Ebony McKeever has been charged with the following: two counts of second-degree assault, trespassing, dangerous weapon with intent to injure, resisting arrest, failure to obey a lawful order, disorderly conduct and intoxication/endangerment.

Police said McKeever was the only arrest related to the Beyonce concert. She posted bond and was released.

McKeever’s residence listed on court records indicate she  lives on-campus at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Further  research indicates that she is a sprinter on the Hoyas Track & Field team.

More on Georgetown Sprinter Ebony McKeever

McKeever’s biography on the Georgetown Athletics website indicates she was a junior this year. She is a native of San Francisco and attended Sacred Heart Cathedral High School. Her personal record in the 400 meter sprint is 56.84 seconds.

McKeever has interned at Kaiser Permanente and at the (San Francisco) Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program. She also was elected in 2014 as a student senator in the Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA).

Ebony McKeever is also active in The Grassroot Project.

More on that project (emphasis added):

The Grassroot Project serves to educate at-risk youth from Washington D.C. about HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention by utilizing Division I “student-athlete” role models. Founded in January 2009, The Grassroot Project is one of the first 501(c)(3) organizations to be designed, initiated, and managed completely by NCAA Division I varsity athletes encompassing athletes from Georgetown University, George Washington University, Howard University, and University of Maryland.

Beyonce concerts in other cities have been protested by police officers and officers refusing to volunteer for overtime hours to provide security for her concerts. The protests were because of claims that her peformance at the Super Bowl and the video for the song Formation are anti-police.


The Baltimore Sun reports that McKeever was escorted out of the concert for disorderly conduct before the other events unfolded.

Army spending $200K on transgender bathroom?

ArmyA congressman from South Carolina tonight posted on Facebook that the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is constructing a bathroom and shower for a transgender employee that will reportedly cost $200,000. The construction is reportedly taking place at Hartwell Dam, which is a dam in the Savannah River between South Carolina and Georgia.

Congressman Jeff Duncan made a public post on Facebook earlier this evening (screen capture below) reporting that he was informed of this news and is looking into it further. USACE’s facility at the  dam is in South Carolina’s Third District (which Duncan represents) and the nearest municipality of any size is Anderson.


A couple of questions  come to mind:

  • Is there a women’s bathroom/shower in existence at the USACE facility at Hartwell Dam already?
  • Or is this bathroom and shower being built because there is only a men’s facility already there?

Without knowing these facts, the initial reports are hard to totally digest. No matter what your position on the transgender issues that are in the news lately, it seems like a bit of overkill financially to accomodate one person.

I hope Congressman Duncan will follow up with these details later after he speaks with the commanding general of USACE.

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Elijah Cummings doesn’t drive for Lyft in DC

Elijah CummingsRep. Elijah Cummings isn’t driving for Lyft… but his daughter is.

She has been driving his car with Congressional license plates, which allow special parking privileges, reportedly to make money until she finds a full-time job.

POPville, a DC blog, first took note of it last week after a report someone was driving a car with congressional license plates in the Mt. Pleasant section of the District. Today, WMAL filled in some facts on the initial report.

His daughter is a recent graduate of Howard University and looking for full time employment. This appears to be the same child that was the subject of a paternity suit against Cummings filed by Debora Ricks in 1995.

More from WMAL:

“In an effort to earn some extra money to pay her expenses at school, she signed up for a part-time position with one of the ride-sharing companies,” Cummings said. “They, in turn, gave her a sticker to apply to the windshield of the car.”

Cummings added that he has asked his daughter to remove the congressional plates, which afford special parking privileges for members and staffers.

The congressman says he’s told her she can continue to use his car without the tag while she pursues full-time employment.

Cummings apologized in a statement for not removing the license plate before loaning the vehicle.

The Hill and The Washington Post have more.

Elijah Cummings’ financial woes

There was a time when Cummings himself might have wished for an avenue for extra money like Lyft or Uber.

In light of Rep. Elijah Cummings’ spirited defense of the IRS during recent hearings about a scandal in the agency during the Obama administration, I wrote about his own checkered financial and tax history on more than one occasion, and the things he said about the Internal Revenue Service in The Baltimore Sun and another publication.

Reports that I detailed noted that Cummings had severe financial problems that included:

  • owing the IRS more than $30,000 (he eventually paid it all back)
  • violating campaign finance laws by having a donor co-sign a $15,000 loan
  • creditors filing suit for around $24,000 in overdue debt
  • owing child support following the birth of two children out of wedlock

One report from 1999 indicated that Rep. Elijah Cummings had paid about $30,000 in child support in tuition payments the previous year. The same report noted that he had a college-aged daughter, a teenage son, and a 4-year old daughter back then. The story noted that the younger two children were born out of wedlock.

Presumably this four-year old daughter in 1999 is the one who has been driving his car around DC for Lyft and was the subject of the paternity suit in 1995.

Ad attacks Rep. Renee Ellmers on abortion

Renee EllmersAn ad released today by the Black Conservatives Fund encourages voters in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District to vote against Rep. Renee Ellmers in the June 7 primary.

Ellmers was first elected in 2010 with the support of pro-life groups and Tea Party groups. This year, after late redistricting, she faces another member of Congress, Rep. George Holding, and Greg Brannon in the primary.

Ellmers has Tea Party groups including Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, and Citizens United opposing her. She also now faces opposition from pro-life groups as well after her actions in 2014.

In 2014, the day before the March for Life, Rep. Renee Ellmers helped derail pro-life legislation, a 20-week abortion limit called the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, that was expected to pass the day of the March. After being criticized for this by pro-life groups and voters, she called the pro-life groups “abhorrent and  childish” in an editorial that blasted them.

The 20-week limit ultimately passed the House in 2015 and later died in the Senate. Pro-life leader Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) was quoted the passage of the bill in a newspaper op-ed in her district:

“While the derailment of the Pain Capable bill in January 2015 was a great disappointment to me, I am now convinced that the reworked version of the bill, if signed into law, will be more effective at preventing suffering and death among America’s unborn children than the original bill. Renee Ellmers was a strong advocate and supporter of the reworked version which helped the bill actually make it to the floor and ultimately pass the House in May 2015.”

Despite this, the bad blood still remains, and pro-life groups have mobilized against Ellmers as well with GOTV efforts and direct mail, among other tactics.

The Black Conservatives Fund PAC launched their new ad today. The Fund’s board members include Anita Moncrief, Ken Blackwell, Princella Smith, Sonnie Johnson, and Rev. C.L. Bryant.

Watch the ad against Rep. Renee Ellmers

From the ad’s Youtube page:

Renee Ellmers betrayed conservatives when she threw a temper tantrum and got the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act bill pulled from the House floor. She’s facing a tough primary (June 7th) and it’s time to abort her political career.

A tweet from the fund would seem to indicate that the ad is online-only and targeting the 2nd District in NC.

Michael Graham returns to DC

Michael Graham
In case you missed reports earlier this week, Michael Graham is returning to Washington as creative director for MediaDC. MediaDC is the parent company for Red Alert Politics, The Weekly Standard, and The Washington Examiner. Graham already hosts a podcast for TWS.

From a FishbowlDC report:

Graham is tasked with overseeing and promoting MediaDC’s social and multimedia efforts. “My job will be to raise the level of MediaDC’s audio/video and new media offerings up to the high standards its writers and reporters set every day,” said Graham in a statement. “I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Since 2014, he has been working for NewsRadio 106.7 in Atlanta. Prior to that he worked in talk radio in Charlotte, Charleston, Washington, and the Boston area.

Graham previously left DC after WMAL management was pressured to drop him by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) about comments he made.

Graham also wore a INS t-shirt to a CASA de Maryland rally and was told to leave or wear it inside out when he was working at WMAL. He had just started working at WBT when I first met him when I was orking at The Andy Thomas Show as a political reporter. I started Palmetto Journal a few months prior to that.

Michael Graham: Standup Comedian to Political Consultant to Writer

Graham graduated from Oral Roberts University after growing up in the small town of Pelion, South Carolina. He was a standup comedian and, as a political consultant, worked for Pat Buchanan in the 1992 SC Primary. He also worked for Harold Worley in the Republican primary in 1996 against Strom Thurmond.

When Graham worked for the SC Secretary of State, he also hosted a weekend radio show on SC Public Radio. After comments he made on his radio show angered members of the state legislature, they wrote his job in the Secretary of State’s office out of the state budget. This resulted in his first book – Banned from Public Radio.

Graham also wrote a laugh-out-loud funny weekly column that appeared in the Charleston City Paper and in Columbia’s Free Times. His second book, Clinton & Me, featured a picture of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky on the cover. At a book signing, he inscribed my copy to “South Carolina’s Matt Drudge.” He wrote another book called Redneck Nation after that and has written ebooks as well.