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Tonight’s Musical Interlude: Forgot About Dre


Tonight’s Musical Interlude is Forgot about Dre by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem. Consider yourself warned for strong language if you choose to play it.

Watch Dolly Parton play the Benny Hill Show theme song


Trey Barrineau of the Entertain This! blog at USA Today reports:

Parton picked up a tiny saxophone covered in rhinestones (of course) and played the goofy “Boots” Randolph instrumental hit from 1963 that’s now probably best known as the theme music to the lowbrow British comedy series The Benny Hill Show.

Here’s the video:

VIDEO: Hip hop video reportedly filmed inside SC prison


The video below was posted on YouTube and

Description: “Im On” allegedly shot Live from the South Carolina Department of Corrections.” – thelightworkerofficial

UPDATE: FITSnews took the time to write about some of the details of the video.

UPDATE #2: A South Carolina Department of Corrections spokesperson replied to my inquiry on the video with the following statement:

SCDC is in the process of investigating the video. Once the investigation is complete, inmates involved will be appropriately charged.

VIDEO: Lynyrd Skynyrd sings new Pawn Stars theme

George Jones Hospitalized


According to his official website, George Jones (“The Possum”) has been hospitalized in Nashville.  Jones, who is 81, had a slight fever and irregular blood pressure during a routine checkup today. He has dealt with respiratory problems in recent years.

He has postponed shows in Salem, VA and Atlanta this weekend.

Jones is in the middle of his farewell tour which ends in Nashville in November.

Hip-Hop Tribute to Marion Barry

Listen to Hard-Roc’s “Mayor 4 Life” a tribute to former DC Mayor (and current Councilman) Marion Barry.

More from DCist:

Head-Roc is known as the Mayor of D.C. Hip-Hop, so it’s only appropriate that he’s now recorded “Mayor 4 Life,” a catchy tribute to four-time mayor and current Ward 8 councilmember Marion Barry.

The song follows Barry’s history from his birth in Mississippi to his arrival in D.C. during the height of the civil rights movement, and ends with his 1990 arrest by the FBI for smoking crack in a D.C. hotel. It calls him “an icon, a hero who rose from zero” and says that “you couldn’t walk one inch in the guy’s step.” (A few years ago a Virginia band recorded a decidedly less cool tribute to Barry called “Bitch Set Me Up.”)

Music: As far as Wagon Wheel goes,
Old Crow Medicine Show > Darius Rucker

ocmsA couple of months ago I was driving home from the train station after a long day at work and heard the deejay on a local country station say that “Wagon Wheel” was the next song. The next part caught me off guard when he said it was a new song by Darius Rucker. Being from South Carolina, I knew about Hootie and the Blowfish before they made it big nationally. Several of the songs on Cracked Rear View were actually previously done by them regionally. It got to the point on the national stage that all their songs were sounding the same to me (and others) and to a lesser extent Darius Rucker has had the same problem since he came onto the country scene. He has good videos that have a lot of references to the Palmetto State (yay!) and also a lot of Gamecock references (boo!)

His videos are usually good, and now that I finally saw the Wagon Wheel video the past couple of weeks, featuring Lady Antebellum and members of the cast of Duck Dynasty (especially Si Robertson), I like the video. I like the song overall too, but then the Old Crow Medicine Show version of the song is one that I can’t resist singing along to any time I hear it (not so with the Rucker version.)

Granted, one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended was Old Crow Medicine Show (along with Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Iron & Wine, Levon Helm, and the Felice Brothers) at Merriweather Post Pavilion a few years ago. Wagon Wheel was the last song of the night, and I don’t think there was a person there who wasn’t singing the chorus (and many of them the whole song.)

Here’s the Old Crow Medicine Show version:

Here’s the Darius Rucker version:

Which do you prefer?

Who should ships be named for?

This will be a quick revisitation of yesterday’s post related to the Navy being pushed to name a ship for Harvey Milk.

Yesterday, This Ain’t Hell linked to my Harvey Milk post and among other things said the following:

I don’t know much about Milk because I have a habit of not watching any movie that has Sean Penn in it, and his isn’t a subject in which I’m interested, but I’m pretty sure that enough Navy personnel have been killed in the war against terror who deserve to have a ship named after them more than some activist who was shot by a political opponent.

Bill Quick jumps in:

You mean like John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Robert F. Kennedy? Martin Luther King?


There already has been a USS JFK. Kennedy was deserving of it as Commander in Chief and because he received both a Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism in the Pacific during World War II. I would put RFK and MLK in the same category as Gabby Giffords which is undeserving. Milk (and Cesar Chavez and John Murtha) is undeserving in my estimation but he’s ahead of MLK and RFK in line for a ship’s name.

The purpose of ship’s names has been screwed up and corrected more than once and right now it’s being screwed up again with all of these politicized namings. There are plenty of Medal of Honor recipients deserving of a ship name before any of these. To equate opposition to these namings to bigotry is a bit shallow and reactionary.

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VIDEO: Christmas Time’s A Comin’

First the Bill Monroe version

Then the Ricky Skaggs version:

VIDEO: A Marine’s Christmas Song

This song is sung by Marine Master Sgt. Robert Allen. Allen sings a song he wrote for his wife for Christmas. Allen is a native of Pawnee, Oklahoma and this was recorded at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan where he currently serves.