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Listen to the CIA’s torture playlist


The Anti Media:

According to declassified reports, video evidence and testimony from whistleblower guards and soldiers, the US government used music to torture detainees in a number of different ways.
In some cases, songs would be played in repetition for hours or days on end, as to drive the prisoner to insanity. Music was also used to prevent detainees from sleeping, which is another way of creating delirium and vulnerability in the detainees.
Some songs were chosen because they were annoying, while others were chosen because they may have been offensive to the prisoner’s culture or religion.
Below are some of the songs that have been identified most often as being used by the US military in their torture programs. Some of the songs are annoying and could understandably be considered torture, specifically the Barney & Friends theme song and the Meow Mix commercial.
However, some of the artists featured like 2Pac, Rage Against The Machine and (hed)pe are actually pretty good, and are actually philosophically opposed to what the military is doing.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify below:

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Tonight’s Musical Interlude: Forgot About Dre


Tonight’s Musical Interlude is Forgot about Dre by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem. Consider yourself warned for strong language if you choose to play it.

Watch Dolly Parton play the Benny Hill Show theme song


Trey Barrineau of the Entertain This! blog at USA Today reports:

Parton picked up a tiny saxophone covered in rhinestones (of course) and played the goofy “Boots” Randolph instrumental hit from 1963 that’s now probably best known as the theme music to the lowbrow British comedy series The Benny Hill Show.

Here’s the video:

VIDEO: Hip hop video reportedly filmed inside SC prison


The video below was posted on YouTube and

Description: “Im On” allegedly shot Live from the South Carolina Department of Corrections.” – thelightworkerofficial

UPDATE: FITSnews took the time to write about some of the details of the video.

UPDATE #2: A South Carolina Department of Corrections spokesperson replied to my inquiry on the video with the following statement:

SCDC is in the process of investigating the video. Once the investigation is complete, inmates involved will be appropriately charged.

VIDEO: Lynyrd Skynyrd sings new Pawn Stars theme

George Jones Hospitalized


According to his official website, George Jones (“The Possum”) has been hospitalized in Nashville.  Jones, who is 81, had a slight fever and irregular blood pressure during a routine checkup today. He has dealt with respiratory problems in recent years.

He has postponed shows in Salem, VA and Atlanta this weekend.

Jones is in the middle of his farewell tour which ends in Nashville in November.

Hip-Hop Tribute to Marion Barry

Listen to Hard-Roc’s “Mayor 4 Life” a tribute to former DC Mayor (and current Councilman) Marion Barry.

More from DCist:

Head-Roc is known as the Mayor of D.C. Hip-Hop, so it’s only appropriate that he’s now recorded “Mayor 4 Life,” a catchy tribute to four-time mayor and current Ward 8 councilmember Marion Barry.

The song follows Barry’s history from his birth in Mississippi to his arrival in D.C. during the height of the civil rights movement, and ends with his 1990 arrest by the FBI for smoking crack in a D.C. hotel. It calls him “an icon, a hero who rose from zero” and says that “you couldn’t walk one inch in the guy’s step.” (A few years ago a Virginia band recorded a decidedly less cool tribute to Barry called “Bitch Set Me Up.”)