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A note about Ryan Miner


If you’ve read my site for any length of time, you know I wrote extensively about Ryan Miner in 2013. After hearing from a teacher in Washington County over the weekend asking about what I wrote before, I wanted to write this update in light of Miner running for the Board of Education there in the June election. From what I’ve seen, he’s already running a thorough and comprehensive campaign. To risk being cliched, he hit the ground running from filing day and is working to try to earn votes.

I wrote before about bad things involving Ryan Miner and mistakes he had made in the past. I wanted to write now about his candidacy and also things that have happened involving him and me since last fall.

Last November, a mutual friend suggested that Miner talk to me (after I indicated I was amenable to it) during the Maryland Republican Party’s Fall Convention in Annapolis.

As I noted at the time:

I had a very nice conversation with Ryan Miner Saturday afternoon.

Miner also made a tweet about our conversation:

During that conversation, and in subsequent ones since then, Miner has shown himself to be contrite and humble about his past mistakes. He admitted his mistakes and affirmed much of what I wrote about him had been correct. He has said he has given up alcohol and all evidence I’ve seen firsthand and heard from others confirms that. I’ve also heard from others that he has made amends with them. He shows all outwards signs of being very remorseful about mistakes he has made in the past and wants to do his best moving forward to serve his community. It will be up to the voters of Washington County to decide whether he deserves to be in office.

I don’t generally endorse any candidates for office unless it’s someone who will be on my local ballot on election day (I live in Baltimore County for anyone who might not know) and usually not even then. So, I won’t be endorsing Miner or any other candidates in the race. However, I do have a message for anyone in Washington County who might have read what I’ve written about Ryan Miner in the past.

Read Miner’s positions on the issues, look at his biography and see what he has done and still does in the community, and then look at the total man he is when you decide whether to vote for him or not.  Better yet, talk to him yourself and ask him why he deserves your vote and then make up your mind. America is a nation of second chances and election day will show whether the voters in Washington County want to give one to Ryan Miner.

All any of us sinners can do is ask for is the forgiveness of our God and our neighbors for mistakes we’ve made in the past. If we really mean it and people believe that, then second chances often come as a result. I wish Ryan Miner the best of luck in the election, but more importantly in his life in general. It’s easy to let pettiness turn some minor disputes into a personal war or vendetta while others egg you on, even though that’s usually not the right thing to do.

Here’s a video Miner released announcing his candidacy:

Taking a break from blogging


I’m taking a hiatus from blogging for a bit right now. I’ve cranked 0ut 109 posts in March so far after writing 74 in the whole month of February. In addition to getting a much-needed break, I have some other things I need to take care of now and a break from blogging will let me devote more time to those projects (some of which were precipitated by recent discoveries I made.)

Stay tuned, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be back before you know it (sooner if need be.)

March 2014: Record Month for The Quinton Report


With a few days left in the month, March 2014 has become the new high for unique site visitors in a month. The previous record was in August of 2013.

Thanks again to all my readers and for everyone who links to the site.

GOP candidate digging for dirt on conservative bloggers


I received word over the weekend from a very reliable source not in Maryland that a Republican candidate for office in Maryland is digging for dirt on me and also running a background check on me. I’ve found some other indicators that this research on me is underway. This same candidate likely ran a background check or has been digging for dirt on other bloggers as well.

This same candidate may also be digging into the background of campaign staffers for opposing candidates and has most certainly done the same for the other candidates themselves.

Digging for dirt on opponents, and to a lesser extent their staffers, has been a part of campaigns for a while now. However, a GOP candidate digging for dirt on conservative bloggers may take things to a new level of escalation. If you take it to its logical end, would this same candidate be running background checks on reporters that write stories that are considered unfavorable?

Stay tuned for updates.

Read what you missed over the weekend


Chinese officials in a region near the Great Wall made vendors stop selling t-shirts showing President Barack Obama as former Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong ahead of a visit by First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an “unofficial” vote, the region surrounding Venice voted by an overwhelming margin (89%) to secede from Italy.

At the Young Democrats’ convention in Annapolis, Anthony Brown only defeated Heather Mizeur by five votes in a gubernatorial straw poll.

Larry Hogan campaigned at a gun show in Timonium Saturday.

An aide to Speaker of the House Michael Busch left a closed door meeting to go scream at a reporter in the State House press room because that reporter had tweeted and blogged about the closed door meeting.

I noted the details of David Craig’s campaign swing to Wicomico County last week.

Sunday was the 2nd anniversary of the Rain Tax passing, and Delegate Steve Schuh is still defending his two votes for it.

In news that was previously unreported - Scott Wade Markle, former President of the Carroll County Democratic Club, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on March 14.