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Endorsing a Candidate for Maryland’s Attorney General


I’m not a huge fan of making endorsements and I’ve never done one on this site before, except a tongue-in-cheek one that I later withdrew. I would only make endorsements in races I actually have the ability to vote on as well. The utility of me making an endorsement in a general election race would be limited since I’m a conservative, and most people would expect me to support Republicans generally. I chose to make this endorsement since I’m voting for a candidate who is not a Republican.

I am voting for Leo Dymowski, the Libertarian candidate, for Attorney General of Maryland. Dymowski is an Army veteran who worked his way through law school and grad school. He has worked in private practice and for both city and state government. He is also the most qualified candidate running in my opinion. I don’t agree with him on every issue, but then again I can hardly ever say that about any candidate.

I’ve noted numerous times that pro-life issues and 2nd Amendment issues are important to me, even when they don’t seem to be for many politicians in Maryland unless it’s convenient. There are exceptions to that, but finding statewide candidates who will even talk about pro-life issues or the 2nd amendment during a primary can be tough (forget about a general election.)

Dymowski has more than platitudes on his campaign website and he takes on tough issues, including the drug war, the 2nd amendment (“citizen disarmament” in his words), and speed cameras. Additionally, I discussed abortion and pro-life issues with him and was impressed with both his knowledge of the issues and his positions, even if I don’t agree with him 100%. I discussed pro-life libertarians, including Libertarians for life, before on this site and Dymowski discussed the fact that the LP includes pro-lifers when I discussed the issues with him.

To sum up Dymowski’s positions on these issues:

  • he has always fought partial birth abortions, late term abortions, and public funding
  • he supports parental notification and free speech rights at abortion clinics by pro-life groups
  • he also opposes abortions past viability or fetal pain
  • he does oppose government intervention in the first trimester

While this doesn’t line up completely with my opposition to abortion in all cases, these positions might make Dymowski the most openly pro-life candidate running for statewide office in Maryland from any party. Considering there is a statewide Republican running who says he wouldn’t change Maryland law or “curb women’s reproductive rights”, it’s refreshing to see a candidate (a Libertarian no less) who fully understands the different issues involved (it’s not just about Roe v. Wade) and takes a clear stance on them.

I am still a registered Republican and will remain one for now. I am just choosing to vote for the Libertarian candidate for this one office this year. Realistically, the deck for this race is stacked in favor of the gun-grabbing Democrat but I wanted to note who I find the best candidate to be for the record.

You can find the campaign of Leo Dymowski online at and you can also make a donation. I understand he is going to be on the air with radio ads very soon and he also has a YouTube channel where he talks about the issues.

Tonight’s Musical Interlude: Forgot About Dre


Tonight’s Musical Interlude is Forgot about Dre by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem. Consider yourself warned for strong language if you choose to play it.

Top Stories from The Quinton Report in September 2014


Here are the top 10 stories for September based on readership:

  1. Trade in your Ray Rice jersey for a free pizza
  2. Parody video targets Ray Rice in “Video Killed the Ravens Big Star”
  3. Video shows apparent beheading of journalist Steven Sotloff
  4. Natty Boh, PBR now owned by Russian company
  5. Top golf courses rejected Obama over Labor Day Weekend
  6. Did a MD GOP candidate lie about having a college degree?
  7. Bedbugs give some MD state employees the day off
  8. Police: Former WWE Wrestler Sean O’Haire committed suicide
  9. Canonization process for Archbishop Fulton Sheen halted
  10. Did FSU’s Jameis Winston punch an opponent?

The Quinton Report on The Daily Beast


A story Friday on The Daily Beast by Melissa Leon was titled, “What Was This Drone Doing Over a South Carolina Prison?”

That story linked to my post from last week, “Drone used in prison contraband smuggling.”

Top 10 Posts for July 2014


The top ten posts, by traffic, for the month of July 2014:

  1. Elijah Cummings admits he doesn’t know fellow committee member’s name
  2. OKC Civic Center hosting a Satanic Black Mass led by sex offender
  3. Beretta moving all of its manufacturing out of Maryland due to anti-gun laws
  4. Gov. Martin O’Malley falls asleep during meeting
  5. Nanny State: County bans sales of non-diet soda at 4th of July event
  6. Guns for Groceries a new twist on ineffective gun buybacks
  7. Report: Email may exist proving Bergdahl swap driven by VA scandal
  8. South Carolina ranked #1 in Most Patriotic States
  9. Is Jody Hice the GOP’s Todd Akin of 2014?
  10. TIE Florida tops list of scariest states & Anti-Israel protest organized by Marxists

Wednesday Caption Contest: Kerry & Bibi


(AP – HT: Weasel Zippers)

The above picture of John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu inspired my latest caption contest. Just leave your humorous caption in the comments below.


The Quinton Report on Beretta featured by Twitchy


Earlier today, a post at Twitchy included a tweet I made linking to my previous story, “Beretta moving all of its manufacturing out of Maryland due to anti-gun laws.”

Beretta USA is moving all of its manufacturing to a new plant being built in Gallatin, Tennessee. The current plant is in Accokeek, Maryland.

May 2014: Another record month for The Quinton Report


Site traffic for The Quinton Report in May surpassed the previous monthly site traffic record set earlier this year in March.

Here are the top 20 posts, based on traffic, from May:

  1. It’s Memorial Day, not Veterans Day (and why that distinction is important)
  2. UMBC student Matt Vesely missing – last seen in Perry Hall, MD (a post when he was found ranked highly too)
  3. 47% of Maryland residents would leave if they could
  4. A note about Ryan Miner
  5. Maryland tied for “most gerrymandered state”
  6. Clayton Kelly, Chris McDaniel, and rumors about Thad Cochran
  7. Larry Hogan, “a businessman, not a politician”, filed for bankruptcy
  8. Catholic blogger mistakes Memorial Day for Veterans Day; then politicizes it
  9. Schuh’s campaign gets it wrong on Constitution, Pledge
  10. Baltimore mayor shows her ignorance of farms
  11. ‘Total victory’ for pro-life pregnancy centers in Montgomery County case
  12. Charles Lollar earns a D+ from the NRA
  13. Prankster invades O’Malley’s Reddit AMA
  14. Is this church ad over the line or just tacky?
  15. Hogan internal poll memo omits GOP primary; shows him losing in November
  16. More on Larry Hogan’s Campaign Staff and Consultants
  17. GOP calls on O’Malley appointee to resign over campaign sign theft charges
  18. Opponents call for investigation into Hogan’s campaign finances
  19. Union-connected O’Malley appointee charged with campaign sign theft
  20. Sarah Silverman refers to the unborn as “goo” on Bill Maher on Sarah Silverman’s comments


Life News picks up a previous post I wrote discussing Sarah Silverman referring to the unborn as “goo.”

Here’s video of the comments:

The Quinton Report’s Top 15 MD Politics Stories of 2014


As I did some digging into site analytics the other night, I also took a look at the top 15 posts related to Maryland politics on my site so far in 2014. This is based solely on site traffic this year.

1. GOP candidate: masturbation is Satan’s plot to silence the church

2. 47% of Maryland residents would leave if they could

3. Report: Steve Schuh’s temper leads to fireworks at GOP dinner

4. Maryland tied for “most-gerrymandered state”

5. Elijah Cummings owed IRS $30,000 in back taxes

6. Maryland officials change name of Common Core

7. No, Jeannie Haddaway is not dropping out as David Craig’s running mate

8. Legislative aide falsely told police a “black male” assaulted him

9. The Sun sets on Red Maryland

10. Delores Kelley: Poster Child for the Nanny State

11. State delegate tells blogger to leave Maryland

12. Dan Bongino’s new GOP primary opponent gave money to Democrats

13. State Board of Elections disqualifies MD gubernatorial candidate

14. Why is the MD GOP still searching for an Attorney General candidate?

15. Short list of Larry Hogan’s potential running mates