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The Quinton Report featured as a NewsBusters Editors’ Pick again


 Newsbusters featured a post from The Quinton Report in their Editors’ Picks yesterday. They referred to my post as, “Beretta moving all manufacturing out of Md. for gun-friendly Tennessee.” My original title was, “Beretta moving all of its manufacturing out of Maryland due to anti-gun laws.”

Here’s where they mentioned it:

Twitchy also mentioned The Quinton Report on this subject.

Anti-Israel protest organized by Marxists


WBAL’s George Lettis reported last night on pro-Israel and “pro-Palestinian” events in the Baltimore area yesterday. The pro-Israel event was in Owings Mills and included a crowd of hundreds and a speaker from the Israeli Embassy. He also reported on a “pro-Palestinian” event in downtown Baltimore that appeared to include no more than a handful of people.

Here’s the excerpt of the WBAL story that refers to the “pro-Palestinian” protesters:

Meanwhile, a modest group of pro-Palestinian protesters at the Inner Harbor had a much different view of the conflict and berated America’s support of Israel.

“Israel has bombs and nuclear weapons furnished to them by the United States, and my tax dollars were paying for that while children in this country are going hungry and don’t have any place to live. They’re going to give money to Israel to bomb women and children,” said pro-Palestinian protester Lee Patterson.

“I’m making the analogy of kids throwing rocks against somebody using a gun. I mean, yes, Hamas is shooting rockets over as more of an act of defiance, and if you’re an occupied people, you have a right to resist,” said pro-Palestinian protester Steven Ceci.

You can note in the picture above that Ceci’s sign also mentions the border crisis and one of the protesters seen in the video is holding a Jobs Not Jail sign. Another sign appears not to be related to the issue at hand either, but this is typical of progressive protests.

One thing Lettis didn’t note in his report is the event was sponsored by the Baltimore People’s Power Assembly (PPA) (they had an event page for “Stop the War on Children! From Gaza to the U.S./Mexico Border to Baltimore!”) I noted before that Ian Duncan of The Baltimore Sun also neglected some of the Marxist ties involved in a story   on the PPA”s planned George Zimmerman protest until after I detailed them.

Ceci is with the Baltimore PPA and he even included a comment on my original post confirming that he is a “communist” and the PPA is affiliated with the Workers World Party (WWP.) I noted the connections between the Baltimore PPA and the Baltimore WWP at the time as well. Other organizations that are connected to the PPA and its Solidarity Center have included Occupy Baltimore, the SCLC, UPP, the Green Party.

Here’s what I wrote about these connections previously:

Additionally, the only “Like” that the Baltimore People’s Assembly makes on their page is the Facebook page of the Baltimore Worker’s World Party. The Baltimore WWP lists it’s physical address as the same location as the People’s Assembly Solidarity Center. They also have their website listed as the site of The Daily Worker.

The [Baltimore] WWP has traditional socialist and communist imagery on their Facebook page including a cover photo of mass murderer Che Guevara.

The Workers World Party split from the Socialist Workers Party in 1959. The split was partly because of the SWP’s support of Henry Wallace in the 1948 election and because the SWP was supporting Mao Zedong in China. Since then the WWP has supported Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Jong-Il. They also supported the Chinese crackdown on democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square in China in 1989. Additionally, WWP supported the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground.

One of the other groups affiliated with the People’s Power Assembly in Baltimore is Occupy Baltimore. Occupy Baltimore made the news for many things – including discouraging police reports of sexual assault.

This post was written to provide background that George Lettis of WBAL didn’t provide on these protests.

The concert event of the summer: SlutRock D.C. 2014


They don’t have the website (or is it a domain issue?) that they advertised on a banner at a past event in DC, but SlutWalkDC is still active on Facebook and has recently rescheduled an upcoming event so college students will be back in town for it at the end of the summer.

The event, SlutRock D.C. 2014, will be held on Saturday, September 13 at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington.

Few details are available on the concert yet:

SlutWalk with a concert twist! More details coming soon!

I’ve requested comment from the National Park Service regarding this event and the status of any and all applicable permits that might have been applied for or granted.

Where’s James Watt when you need him?

(Note for the sarcasm-impaired: I used a great deal of it in the subject line.)


1997: Elijah Cummings talked about ‘horror stories’ of ‘dreaded’ IRS audits


I noted previously that there was a time when Congressman Elijah Cummings owed the IRS $30,000 in back taxes. When I wrote about that, I also pointed out some 1997 comments he made about the IRS in a column published in the Baltimore Afro-American.

From that column, as noted by The Baltimore Sun in 1999:

All of us pay taxes. Many of us share a paralyzing fear that we have made a mistake when we file our tax return by the April deadline. We have all heard the horror stories of the dreaded audit or the mistake made by the IRS and the years it took to fix it.

This is in contrast to comments made recently by Cummings. In fact, last night he was almost in tears as he apologized for IRS commissioner John Koskinen being put through “hell” by being asked hard questions by Rep. Trey Gowdy and other Republicans.

Watch those remarks below:

Sarah Silverman refers to the unborn as “goo” on Bill Maher


Mediaite reports on Sarah Silverman’s appearance on Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. The report indicates that Silverman told Maher about her pro-abortion fundraiser in Texas that was picketed by Westboro Baptist Church. Silverman seems to compare all pro-lifers to those protesters and shows her opinion on unborn children:

She said her aim is show these people “a human face to this side that they only know as ‘people who want to murder babies.’ And meanwhile, it’s goo. It’s goo that they’re so worried about. And they’re born, and it’s you’re on your own, slut.”

Silverman also said she had never had an abortion and was mocked by Maher about the way she admitted that fact:

“And the truth is, and I don’t like to admit this,” Silverman continued, “I’ve never had an abortion and I don’t know if I would. But it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t fight to the death for women to make their own choices for their own human bodies.”

“Thank you for being brave enough to admit you’ve never had an abortion,” Maher joked in response.

The fictional version of Sarah Silverman she portrayed on Comedy Central’s The Sarah SilvermanProgram in 2007 spoke of having had 3 abortions.


More on Larry Hogan’s Campaign Staff and Consultants


I promised more on the campaign finances reported in April by the Hogan campaign. Let’s look now at what consultants and staffers made between February 3 and April 14.

First let’s look at the consultants.

Mark Newgent of Red Maryland and Watchdog Wire made $1330 in consulting fees. Amy Shuster made $6000 as a consultant. A firm called Voter Contact Solutions made $10,224 in consulting fees.

Voter Contact Solutions is listed on the report as being at a Crofton address. If you look that address up in state property records, it is a residential property that belongs to Hogan campaign manager Steve Crim’s wife and is presumably where Crim lives. Steve Crim lists himself as the owner of Voter Contact Solutions, LLC and Election Strategies, LLC.

If you look at state business records, Voter Contact Solutions, LLC has its address listed as being at the same Annapolis address as the offices of the Hogan Companies (and the same address Change Maryland  filed its initial IRS paperwork from in 2011.) instead of at the Crim residence as the campaign reported. In fact, business records also indicate that the current status for Voter Contact Solutions is “FORFEITED” and that the business is not in good standing.


From a state government explanation:

“Forfeited” means the “legal existence” of the entity has been relinquished and it is usually for failing to make required Annual Report/Personal Property Return filings for prior years. [emphasis added]

If you look further into the records, you notice the reason for the forfeiture (which took place on 10/1/12):


In other words, the legal existence of Voter Contact Solutions, a business that the Hogan campaign paid over $10,000 to, has been relinquished since 2012. Crim’s other business (Election Strategies, LLC) also is not in good standing and its status is forfeited, according to state records. Election Strategies was formed on the same day in 2010 and forfeited on the same day in 2012 as Voter Contact Solutions.

If you go to this is what you see right now:


In addition to Steve Crim, Delegate Justin Ready is listed on the web page. The domain name for Voter Contact Solutions is registered to Crim and Strategic CFM, LLC at a Glen Burnie office park address. The state business records for Strategic CFM, LLC indicate that it is at the same Glen Burnie address in the domain registration records. It is also not in good standing with the state of Maryland. Strategic CFM was organized in 2009 and forfeited in 2011 for not filing required 2010 records.

If you look at you will see what is commonly known as a “link farm.”

When domain name owners don’t pay to renew their domain, they often get snapped up by companies looking to make money off of the domain by charging others for links to it. That appears to be the case with this site, but it can’t be determined for sure since the domain name registration information is private.

To sum things up:

  • The Hogan campaign reported that they paid over $10,000 to Voter Contact Solutions.
  • The campaign reported Voter Contact Solutions is at campaign manager Steve Crim’s house.
  • Steve Crim lists himself as the owner of both Voter Contact Solutions, LLC and Election Strategies, LLC.
  • Both Voter Contact Solutions, LLC and Election Strategies, LLC, were registered with the state at the same address at The Hogan Companies and Change Maryland.
  • State business records indicate that both Crim businesses above relinquished their legal existence and are not in good standing.
  • The domain name for the website of Voter Contact Solutions is registered to Steve Crim of Strategic CFM.
  • Strategic CFM is also not in good standing with the state after forfeiting.

It would appear that the Hogan campaign has paid over $10,000 to a business belonging to the campaign manager that has been not legally recognized by the state since 2012 due to not complying with state law. If a reasonable explanation for the above facts could possibly exist, it still indicates extremely sloppy business practices in the best-case scenario. All of the information above has been compiled from campaign finance reports, state business and property records, and domain name registration information.

Next, let’s look at the paid campaign staff.

Read More…

New Anti-Brown Website: The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here


The campaign of Doug Gansler has a new website up critical of Anthony Brown. The site,, hits Brown over the continuing Obamacare exchange debacle and him not taking any responsibility for any of the problems.

From the site:

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown’s failed leadership cost taxpayers nearly $200 million dollars, embarrassed President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, and left Marylanders without access to health care. But don’t expect Anthony Brown to take responsibility for the botched health exchange rollout.

The buck doesn’t stop with Anthony Brown.

“Do me a favor, don’t show me invoices like this,” Brown told FOX45 when asked to explain the spending.

This video is also featured on the site:

Charles Lollar attacks Larry Hogan over taxes


The campaign of Charles Lollar sent the following message out tonight:

Statement from the Lollar-Timmerman Campaign on the Urgent Need for Bold New Leadership in Maryland, not Timid Half Steps and Partisanship 

April 30, 2014 (Annapolis, MD) – Republican candidate Larry Hogan once again showed he was out of touch with Maryland small businesses and Maryland families, by insisting he would take a “more reasonable” approach toward fiscal reform than the plan advanced by his main Republican rival, Charles Lollar.

Hogan argued that the next governor should be “prudent” when it comes to cutting taxes, according to comments quoted in today’s Washington Post.

Charles Lollar responded: “All the Democrat candidates agree with Larry on this, that we should be “timid” in cutting taxes and putting government on a diet. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown has said the state “can’t afford” even a modest reduction in the corporate tax.

“Ken and I believe on the contrary that the time is over for Republicans to advocate tinkering around the edges of our bloated state budget, our confiscatory tax policies, and our corrupt and inefficient state government.

“It is time for bold reforms that go to the core of our problems here in Maryland. That is why Ken and I turned to Dr. Art Laffer, who helped turn around our national economy in the 1980s, to vet our plan to eliminate the state income tax.

“We have looked at the numbers, and we know we can achieve this step by step over the next five years, without putting at risk the services Maryland citizens expect their state government to provide.”

The Lollar-Timmerman plan also calls for the immediate repeal of the “Rain Tax” and the latest increase in the gasoline tax, in addition to eliminating all remaining “death taxes.”

Ken Timmerman added, “When Marylanders have more money in their pockets they will save, invest, and spend. This in turn will set in motion a virtuous economic cycle, stimulating economic growth and state revenues.”

Lollar continued, “Government is overhead on the economy. When you tax income, you reduce economic activity. Our objective is to restore economic vitality to Maryland, so families and small businesses will want to come here, invest, and grow. “
More details on the Lollar-Timmerman plan to eliminate the personal income tax, including detailed tax tables, are available here.

In the past, Lollar said he was amenable to tax increases if there was a “lock box” on where they money was spent.

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton dodges shoe thrown at her in Las Vegas

Hillary Clinton Addresses Recycling Industries Trade Conference In Las Vegas

USA Today

Hillary Rodham Clinton was ready with a quip after a woman threw a shoe at her as she took the stage for a Las Vegas speech.

Security at the Mandalay Bay casino resort ushered out the woman, who is now in federal custody after the incident at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting.

“My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial,” Clinton said. “Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like I did.”

Clinton dodged the object, which sailed past her head.

Mark Carpenter, a spokesman for the recycling institute, said the woman was not affiliated with the organization nor credentialed for the event.

“Our staff denied her access before she later rushed past security,” Carpenter said in a statement. “An ISRI staffer then stopped her as she approached the stage. She was then handed over to law enforcement.”

No word on the motivation of the shoe-tosser yet.

Ron George snipes at Red Maryland & Larry Hogan – later apologizes


The Baltimore Sun reported on a Friday night event in Annapolis featuring House of Cards star Kevin Spacey organized by a lobbyist pushing for more money in tax credits for film production in Maryland. The story, written by Michael Dresser, included quotes from a candidate for Lt. Governor and a candidate for Governor:

Del. Jeannie Haddaway of Talbot County, the running mate of  GOP candidate David R. Craig, said she’s a big supporter of the program.

“On the Eastern Shore we’ve seen the benefit of the film industry, most recently with “Wedding Crashers” in  St. Michaels,” she said.

For Del. Ron George,  who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor,  the party was only a few steps from his Annapolis jewelry store.

George, an occasional actor who said  he’s probably the only Maryland lawmaker with a Screen Actors Guild card,  expressed support for the film tax credit program as he headed in to meet his union

“I will do whatever I can to attract them here, but I don’t take kindly to threats,’ he said.

George was an especially desirable guest because he sits on the Ways and Means Committee, which will decide the position the House will take in its negotiations with the Senate. [emphasis added]

Mark Newgent wrote about the bill Saturday. Here’s what he said about the bill itself:

House of Cards has already benefitted from $26 million in taxpayer subsidies, and The House is considering an O’Malley administration sponsored bill to increase the credit by $11 million, meanwhile earlier this week the Senate approved increasing the subsidy to $18.5 million.

Newgent also discussed what Haddaway and George said about the bill:

Haddaway’s support for the subsidies doesn’t surprise me as she’s proposed millions in bond bill pork for her district.
However, Ron George, one of the Republicans who, actually walks the walk in Annapolis, voicing support for these subsidies is surprising.  I vividly remember a House GOP Caucus pre-session briefing, in 2010 where Ron chastised the Maryland Chamber of Commerce for “taking the wind out of his sails” by rolling over on principle for meager scraps from the O’Malley administration.  It’s rare that you’ll find a Republican legislator willing to call out those who are, at least ostensibly on their side.  I hope Ron and Jeannie reconsider their support for this clear case of corporate welfare. [emphasis added]
On Sunday, Joe Steffen wrote about Newgent’s post:
Based upon what Newgent wrote about Ron George supporting the tax credits for “House of Cards,” I emailed Ron George this morning and asked him why he was supporting them. Ron quickly responded by writing, “What? I am not for this.”

A few hours later, Ron George got back to me with his official answer. And, here it is, verbatim and in full…

“There is a litmus test I made when voting on tax credits.

Of course my first choice is to lower all business taxes. It drives me crazy that the liberal dems go gaga over some actor and start saying a lower tax will stimulate growth but they won’t give a break to the local businesses.

My test is simply:

1st: given our states high taxes will this be a credit that will generate growth in a industry which is stagnant because of our high rates and will the industry grow on its own after that.

2nd: is it a credit given to one business but not to others in the same industry and if so, why is that: Is it because of donations given to elected officials? (Crony capitalism) This is a big NO vote for me. Note I have been uncovering for two years and arguing that Maximus gave big donations to O’Malley and the DGA right after getting the contract for the health care rollout because O’Malley chose them out of ten companies without a procurement process. That is wrong.

I did support the film tax credit the first time as it was meant for the entire film industry and not just one company and was a small test to see if it would work. It has not.

This time they are back asking for much more and, as I told the press, I do not believe they have shown how this is attracting the industry and generating growth on its own. They also have made no attempt to locate here and establish more growth, AND I feel local businesses deserve a break 1st. It is not our job to tax locals in order to help companies located elsewhere.

I was asked by the press to come to say a comment. I went to Red Red Wine (my Jewelery store is three doors up) spoke to the press, stuck my head in and left after one beer. i watched it as an anthropology project…It was sickening to see the gaga attitudes of liberals who won’t cut a break for the local business guy. I told the press I will listen to what they have to say as I do on all issues pro or con. But It was too hokey a gathering so I left after a quick draft beer.

Larry Hogan’s marionettes at Red Maryland imply I support it and never asked. I do not see stats that support this increase and this credit. I am one big reason it has been held up in my committee. It is a shame that Red Maryland has lost their credibility. A credible news person would have asked me. But then Hogan won’t even debate me.”
[emphasis added]

Mark Newgent responded and accused Steffen of defaming Red Maryland and him personally in his post.

Newgent also talked to George on the phone:

Does Ron George support the film tax credit? No he does not.  My mistake was relying on Dressser’s reporting, and not contacting George to confirm it.  I spoke with Del. George on the phone, and what he told me was quite interesting.
George told me he never actually read my post after Steffen contacted him.  In fact, his response was based solely on what Steffen told him about my piece.  George told me entire exchange was conducted via Facebook messenger.
Given that Steffen deliberately omitted Dresser’s piece as the source of my statement about George supporting the film tax credit, as well as a key sentence to distort what I wrote, it should be no surprise that Steffen mislead George about what I actually wrote. [emphasis added]
Newgent also received an email from George. Here’s the most germane part to this topic:

Mark, I thank you for the phone call this evening and allowing me the chance to explain my position on the film tax credit.  While you apologized for assuming the Mike Dresser Sun article was correct and for not calling me, I also owe you an apology for my strong comment at the end of my earlier statement as this was the second time Red Maryland wrote something without calling me first and thus I responded a bit harsh.  I apologize since I had not yet read your full comment where you had complemented me for “having always walked the walk”. I realize your comments of me were more an expression of shock that I would continue to support it.  I will say that you are someone that tries to be fair in your reporting.  I appreciate your apology for not calling me and I thank you for accepting mine for my stronger than usual statement of frustration at the end of my statement.

The fact is, I never told Dresser I supported it. I said I supported it in the past at a smaller amount to attract the film industry but that we were holding it up in Ways and Means, studying what the returns were and had concerns for the requested larger increase.  I also do not see this as helping an entire industry, but only two productions, one in particular. That is against my litmus test for tax credits. My comment I sent out this afternoon on it is below minus my questioning your integrity. Again, thank you for your call this evening to set the record straight.

George went on in the email to discuss the policy in general and made some of the same remarks he made to Steffen about tax breaks.

At the same time, George posted the following comment as a reply to a status update by Joe Steffen (that linked to his post.)



George later deleted the above comment. I already previously discussed issues with communications and social media internally at the George campaign. I will echo what I said then about Ron George engaging in political discussion with others in groups and on their walls from his personal Facebook account.

Newgent closed with this:

Again, I reiterate, nowhere in his piece did Steffen mention Dresser’s Sun article, which was my source, and he selectively omitted a key paragraph where I praised George.
Ron George does not support the House of Cards subsidy, and as I said he walks the walk in Annapolis.
I can admit when I’m wrong.  Can Joe Steffen admit he distorted what I wrote and mislead Delegate George?
[emphasis added]

The latest chapter in Red Maryland vs. Joe Steffen seems to have wound down for now.