Herman Cain wins Maryland Straw Poll

Earlier this afternoon, it was announced that Herman Cain won the straw poll at the Maryland Conservative Action Network’s Turning the Tides conference in Annapolis “by a wide margin.”

Counting walk-ins and preregistrations, there were at least a couple of hundred people in attendance.

Originally posted at Inside Charm City.

Pat McDonough is back in the U.S. Senate race now?

Delegate Pat McDonough of Baltimore County set himself up in past elections to possibly run for multiple offices and ended up remaining a delegate. Earlier this year, he said he was looking at running for U.S. Senate or for Congress. In July, he announced he would be running for the U.S. Senate.

Sometime after that he backed off that announcement.

Today, McDonough was working the room at the Maryland Conservative Action Network conference in Annapolis during the lunch break. He and volunteers were handing out a flier (click here to view) touting him as the next senator.

McDonough didn’t participate in a Senate candidates panel at the conference earlier in the morning. Participants in that panel included Dan Bongino, Robert Broadus, William Capps, and Corrogan Vaughn (Rick Hoover didn’t appear either but was on the list.)

Sources close to conference organizers tell me that McDonough was not on that panel because he hadn’t been in the race at the time they put it together. Apparently this flier may be the first public indication that he is, for now, definitely in the race.

It seems odd that McDonough didn’t try to get here for the candidate panel since he was here at lunch working the room and also because he is speaking in a breakout session this afternoon with Neil Parrott to discuss the petition drive against in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

UPDATE: I wasn’t there but I heard McDonough still seems to be uncertain about whether he is running or not, according to someone in the petition panel he was on during a breakout session. This would seemingly contradict the flier he was handing out.

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