Watch David Craig’s new campaign ad


According to a campaign email the video below is a new campaign commercial by the Craig-Haddaway campaign.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s the email:

VOTE Yourself A Raise!

We all know the necessity of paying taxes. But the only necessity for the 40 new taxes and fees imposed by the O’Malley-Brown administration over the past 7 years was to perpetuate the fiscally insane, tax and spend culture of state government.

Did our state budget really have to increase a billion dollars in each of those years? Did we really have to impose taxes on everything from gas to rain? Instead of all those new taxes, would it not have been better to control the obscene growth of the state bureaucracy?

We know there is a better way and with your help we can change that culture forever. Recently, we proposed a common-sense plan to put Maryland on a glide path to gradually eliminating the state’s personal income tax.

In the coming days, we will be airing a TV commercial highlighting our plan to cut and eliminate taxes. You can view it here. [emphasis added]

The eventual result would be an actual PAY RAISE for taxpayers: $1500 for those filing jointly and $750 for singles.
This tax plan would help stop the thousands of Marylanders who are fleeing to tax-friendlier states every year for one simple reason, they cannot afford to live here.

In fact, over the last eight years this exodus has cost the state over $8 billion in lost revenue.

The truth is I am the only candidate for governor with a plan to eliminate the state income tax. I also have plans to do away with a lot of other unnecessary and unfair taxes, like eliminating state taxes on the pensions of anyone who served the public in uniform.

As Harford County Executive, I cut taxes without affecting services and still managed to build schools, create jobs and preserve open spaces. So it can be done, and it will be done as your next governor.
Remember, on June 24th to vote yourself a pay raise and a tax cut! With your help we can turn Maryland around and make the future brighter.

David and Jeannie

A note about Ryan Miner


If you’ve read my site for any length of time, you know I wrote extensively about Ryan Miner in 2013. After hearing from a teacher in Washington County over the weekend asking about what I wrote before, I wanted to write this update in light of Miner running for the Board of Education there in the June election. From what I’ve seen, he’s already running a thorough and comprehensive campaign. To risk being cliched, he hit the ground running from filing day and is working to try to earn votes.

I wrote before about bad things involving Ryan Miner and mistakes he had made in the past. I wanted to write now about his candidacy and also things that have happened involving him and me since last fall.

Last November, a mutual friend suggested that Miner talk to me (after I indicated I was amenable to it) during the Maryland Republican Party’s Fall Convention in Annapolis.

As I noted at the time:

I had a very nice conversation with Ryan Miner Saturday afternoon.

Miner also made a tweet about our conversation:

During that conversation, and in subsequent ones since then, Miner has shown himself to be contrite and humble about his past mistakes. He admitted his mistakes and affirmed much of what I wrote about him had been correct. He has said he has given up alcohol and all evidence I’ve seen firsthand and heard from others confirms that. I’ve also heard from others that he has made amends with them. He shows all outwards signs of being very remorseful about mistakes he has made in the past and wants to do his best moving forward to serve his community. It will be up to the voters of Washington County to decide whether he deserves to be in office.

I don’t generally endorse any candidates for office unless it’s someone who will be on my local ballot on election day (I live in Baltimore County for anyone who might not know) and usually not even then. So, I won’t be endorsing Miner or any other candidates in the race. However, I do have a message for anyone in Washington County who might have read what I’ve written about Ryan Miner in the past.

Read Miner’s positions on the issues, look at his biography and see what he has done and still does in the community, and then look at the total man he is when you decide whether to vote for him or not.  Better yet, talk to him yourself and ask him why he deserves your vote and then make up your mind. America is a nation of second chances and election day will show whether the voters in Washington County want to give one to Ryan Miner.

All any of us sinners can do is ask for is the forgiveness of our God and our neighbors for mistakes we’ve made in the past. If we really mean it and people believe that, then second chances often come as a result. I wish Ryan Miner the best of luck in the election, but more importantly in his life in general. It’s easy to let pettiness turn some minor disputes into a personal war or vendetta while others egg you on, even though that’s usually not the right thing to do.

Here’s a video Miner released announcing his candidacy:

MD supermarket limiting full-time employees due to Obamacare


Snider’s Super Foods, a grocery store in Silver Spring, is limiting its full-time employees to no more than 49 to avoid having to provide health insurance under Obamacare.

WBFF has the full story (via RNC Research):

Schuh uses Boy Scouts as political props


The front page of Steve Schuh’s campaign website includes this picture, which was obviously taken inside the Lowe House Office Building. While the picture was not at a political event, it still is problematic for Boy Scouts that Schuh is using it in a political manner. The picture is used in Schuh’s campaign  video featured on the rotating items on his site. (The video is embedded at the bottom of this post.)

Schuh has put these Scouts in violation of a national policy promulgated by Boy Scouts of America (BSA.)


But photos of candidates or Scouts in uniform or BSA marks and logos are not allowed in political campaign materials of any kind.

This policy arose out of political candidates using pictures taken at political rallies of Boy Scouts who were there for things like performing color guard duty or otherwise attending. It is designed to help protect Scouts from being exploited for political purposes by candidates. However, in the case of the Scouts pictured with Schuh, there was no reason for them to think a picture taken in an official setting (Schuh’s state office in Annapolis) might be used for political campaign advertising or other campaign uses,

I will be contacting local and national BSA officials for further comment on this matter.

Steve Schuh for County Executive from Phil Graves on Vimeo.

CDC investigating norovirus outbreak on Royal Caribbean cruise ship


A cruise that departed Baltimore on March 28 had a “viral outbreak” caused by norovirus that affected over 100 passengers on Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas. The current voyage of that same ship has had almost 100 passengers get sick with similar symptoms. The ship left April 5 for the Bahamas and is returning to Baltimore Saturday.

More details from The Baltimore Sun:

Neither cruise was cut short because of the outbreak. The Grandeur of the Seas is expected to return to Baltimore as scheduled Saturday morning.

Upon its return to Baltimore, the ship is expected to be thoroughly sanitized. In addition, “two CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers and an epidemiologist will board the ship,” as part of the ongoing investigation, according to disease control officials.

The CDC also is collecting specimens to determine the cause of the outbreak during the second cruise. Cruise ships are required to report illnesses affecting more than 3 percent of passengers or crew members during any cruise of three days or more.

The ship, which has a approximate capacity of 2,000 passengers and 800 crew,  is due to leave Baltimore again on another cruise Saturday evening.

More on the ship itself from The Sun:

The Royal Caribbean ship returned to Baltimore last spring after undergoing a $48 million renovation. Since then it has faced some challenges, including a damaging fire last May that put the ship in dry dock for six weeks for repairs.