Dan Bongino weighs in on the Bundy Ranch situation


Dan Bongino, candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 6th District, weighed in on the Bundy Ranch situation in an email to his supporters:

Regarding the Bundy family in Nevada:

First, this is not a question of law, but the process by which laws are enforced and the methods used to enforce them. Sadly, many Americans are questioning if the process is fair, equal and apolitical in application?

Many patriotic and previously apolitical Americans are frustrated and are questioning if it is a more accurate expression of fidelity to our Constitution, and the rule of law, by violating the law in support of a larger principle?

When the administration consistently ignores clearly written laws, yet expects you to vigorously follow the letter of the law in an alphabet they no longer use, are we in a society of laws or just laws that apply to you?

I hope some of the DC elites read this because we are a country of genuinely good and law-abiding people who just want to know that their voice is heard and that the process is not rigged. Labeling Americans who speak out, and are frustrated at a process that seems to only apply to them and not the connected few, racists, terrorists and other terrible names, is not leadership or courageous.

Maybe when their voices and their access to the process stops being drowned out by the voices of the cronyists and politically connected we can reach a place where a land-use disagreement such as the situation in Nevada doesn’t escalate as it did.

Other Maryland candidates have discussed this matter as well.

Brown publicizes Republican support


If you read John Wagner’s story in WaPo on the reaction to yesterday’s comments on Anthony Brown’s military service made by Doug Gansler you’d see Republican Delegate Robert Costa quoted but no context on where the statement came from:

Among those rallying to Brown’s defense Monday was Del. Robert A. Costa (R-Anne Arundel), who said he found Gansler’s comments “appalling.”

“Lt. Gov. Brown and I may belong to different political parties, but as a fellow soldier, I appreciate his service to our country in Baghdad during wartime,” Costa said. “To say it’s anything less than a ‘real job’ is insulting.”

Of course, it looks like Costa himself talked to the reporter in that context. However, if you had read the version of the story by Bryan Sears in The Daily Record you’d notice this:

As part of the response to Gansler’s comment, the emailed statement from the Brown campaign also included a note about an additional comment from “a Republican who doesn’t support us reached out with this statement if you’d like to use it.” [emphasis added]

The statement from Del. Robert A. Costa, R-Anne Arundel said:

“Lt. Gov. Brown and I may belong to different political parties but as a fellow soldier, I appreciate his service to our country in Baghdad during wartime. To say it’s anything less than a ‘real job’ is insulting.”

According to his biography, Costa served in the U.S. Army from 1981-1985.

While Costa may not openly support Brown for Governor, he certainly coordinated things with the Brown campaign to give them this statement to put out as part of their press statements. Where did the coordination with Brown come from and how do we know who actually made contact first?

When Costa flipped from opposition to gay marriage to voting for it (after a claim of being undecided for a bit), there were rumors and speculation at what the O’Malley-Brown machine might have promised him for his vote. The coordination with the Brown campaign on this matter by Costa could help add fuel to the fire of that speculation.

Otherwise, why would Costa even get involved in a Democratic primary? Why interfere when the other side is in the middle of self-destructing? Especially when you consider that Costa was lending cover and support to the likely Democratic nominee who was already panicking about polling gains from his nearest opponent.

If we only had gotten the version of events from John Wagner and others, we never would have known that the Brown campaign was responsible for shopping that Costa statement to the press.

Another note:  Costa only got a 58% rating on the Legislative Scorecard put out by conservative site MDPetitions.com. Some of the votes he made that disagreed with their positions included voting for the Rain Tax and voting for gay marriage.

What was Ron George’s press secretary thinking?


Tommy Rodriguez, Ron George’s deputy campaign manager and press secretary, sent out a press release today. Rodriguez is yet another gubernatorial campaign press guy who is hostile to bloggers so I didn’t get it directly from the campaign, but I did manage to get it nonetheless.

Here’s the release:

For Immediate Release
April 22, 2014
Media Contacts: Tommy Rodriguez – (410) 544-3128


Annapolis, Md. – Ron George, Republican candidate for Governor of Maryland, has released the following statement:

“Governor O’Malley invited legislators on the final day of session to a reception at the Governor’s House. So, never missing an opportunity to invoke humor in the midst of what could be an awkward moment, I brought a tape measurer and began measuring the curtains. When the Governor came over asking what I was doing, I asked him if he would not mind holding the other end. I thanked him for seeing the humor in the situation. The whole room burst into laughter. The two pictures below tell the story.”

The pictures referred to in the statement include the one I used at the top of this post and the one I’ve included at the bottom of this post.

These pictures were taken the day of Sine Die, which was April 7. Even if this release might have been newsworthy in the days immediately following Sine Die, it’s extremely stale for a press release 15 days later on April 22. With that being said, I really don’t think it was newsworthy enough for a press release even when it wasn’t old. Too many campaigns are under the mistaken perception that just sending it out as a release makes it newsworthy. They should ask a reporter or editor about this notion sometime if that’s what they think.

Of course, I’m trying to figure out what a tape “measurer” is as opposed to a tape measure. It’s hard to tell if that’s a typo or a mistaken idea of what the term really is. Additionally, the proper name (denoted by capitalized words normally) of the house the governor and his family reside in is Government House, not the “Governor’s House.”  Granted, you could say the “governor’s house” in that instance but not the capitalized form of it, if you wanted to be correct.

The pictures themselves aren’t particularly visually appealing (that could be a result of the camera or photographer used) and I’m not sure how appealing to bipartisanship and your cordial relationship with Martin O’Malley helps in a GOP primary situation.  All in all, this seems like an incredibly misguided press release that will likely get little or no coverage and plenty of mocking.


Listen to me on Free State Radio Network tonight


Tonight, I will join Jimmy Braswell and his co-hosts as a guest on The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy on the Free State Radio Network. Be sure to listen in the 8 p.m. hour. I will be on around 8:30 to discuss some of the recent blogging I’ve done here at The Quinton Report.



Watch all of the Brown campaign’s tracker video of Gansler


The use of trackers in campaigns has been discussed before – specifically as it related to the Anthony Brown campaign (and the checkered pasts of Justin Schall and Jim Messina.) I noticed earlier today that the Buzzfeed version of the story on Doug Gansler’s comments about Anthony Brown’s military service included an embedded video from a YouTube account with the name of MD Gov Tracking.

You can watch 23 videos on that account that appear to have been filmed by the Brown campaign’s tracker who is shadowing Doug Gansler. Admittedly, this is just the video they have chosen to post on Youtube. I would hazard a guess that the Buzzfeed article resulted from the story being shopped by the Brown campaign, assuming this account is actually theirs (and that likelihood is extremely high.) If this Youtube page is indeed something done by the Brown campaign, it’s missing an authority line as required by state law.

UPDATE: To clarify, the Buzzfeed article had a short video (apparently uploaded to their server) with just the pertinent comments. The full video, which they also embedded from Youtube, is what enabled me to find the MD Gov Tracking account. A November story indicated the Brown tracker’s name is Jeff Moring. I’m not sure if that is the person still doing that job for Brown.

In case this account or any of the other videos on it disappear later, here’s a screenshot: