VIDEO: Hillary Clinton dodges shoe thrown at her in Las Vegas

Hillary Clinton Addresses Recycling Industries Trade Conference In Las Vegas

USA Today

Hillary Rodham Clinton was ready with a quip after a woman threw a shoe at her as she took the stage for a Las Vegas speech.

Security at the Mandalay Bay casino resort ushered out the woman, who is now in federal custody after the incident at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting.

“My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial,” Clinton said. “Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like I did.”

Clinton dodged the object, which sailed past her head.

Mark Carpenter, a spokesman for the recycling institute, said the woman was not affiliated with the organization nor credentialed for the event.

“Our staff denied her access before she later rushed past security,” Carpenter said in a statement. “An ISRI staffer then stopped her as she approached the stage. She was then handed over to law enforcement.”

No word on the motivation of the shoe-tosser yet.

Big announcement at Annapolis rally Monday


This morning, I was informed that there will be a rally organized by Dan Bongino on Monday, April 14, at 10 a.m. on Lawyers Mall in Annapolis. I was also told that both David Craig and Ron George will be there along with Bongino for a “big announcement.”

I’ve been told that Bongino, Craig, and George will all be endorsing Anthony Brown for Governor…

… of Connecticut.

Bongino, Craig, and George all appeared with Frank Luber this morning on the Sean & Frank Show on WCBM to discuss the “endorsement” and the Maryland Healthcare Exchange issues that led to the Maryland Obamacare exchange site being scrapped for the Connecticut site, which apparently actually works.

You can listen to that segment from this morning below:

As I noted, Bongino is behind the event. I’ve heard no mention of any involvement by any other gubernatorial candidates – just Craig and George.

Listen to Doug Gansler’s radio ad attacking Obamacare exchange problems


A new radio ad from the Gansler campaign “tells the story of Bonnita, a Prince George’s County resident who was unable to buy health insurance online through the Maryland exchange website. The ad also describes Attorney General Douglas Gansler’s successful efforts to fight health insurance companies trying to unfairly deny coverage to Marylanders.”

The ad, which doesn’t mention Anthony Brown by name while clearly taking a shot at him, is appearing in the DC radio market. A previous Gansler video ad attacked Brown on the same issue directly.

Transcript of the ad:

“For People”
BONNITA: My name is Bonnita Spikes. I’m a retired nurse.
I tried to sign up on the Maryland health website. I’ve tried at least 50 times.
The website’s ridiculous, I mean really — I used the website and I still had to call.
It’s just not working; it doesn’t work; it does not work.
NARRATOR: The Washington Post calls Maryland’s health care website “a debacle” and “one of the worst performing in the country.”
It’s a $261 million dollar failure.
People needing heart medicine, cancer care or care for a child — tens of thousands of Maryland families, left without health care coverage because people in charge couldn’t get their website up and running.
Doug Gansler just wouldn’t put up with this mess.
As Attorney General, Gansler took on insurance companies when they unfairly denied people health care.
As governor, he’ll get health care reform done – for people.
Doug Gansler. A governor to fight for us.
“Paid for by Friends of Doug Gansler. Jeanne McLane, Treasurer.”

The latest 9/11 Trutherism from the Ron Paul Institute


Paul Craig Roberts writes a screed on the Ron Paul Institute website which includes this passage:

The self-inflicted hammer blows to Washington’s credibility have taken a toll. The most serious blow of all is the dawning realization everywhere that Washington’s crackpot conspiracy theory of 9/11 is false. Large numbers of independent experts as well as more than one hundred first responders have contradicted every aspect of Washington’s absurd conspiracy theory. No aware person believes that a few Saudi Arabians, who could not fly airplanes, operating without help from any intelligence agency, outwitted the entire National Security State, not only all 16 US intelligence agencies but also all intelligence agencies of NATO and Israel as well.

Nothing worked on 9/11. Airport security failed four times in one hour, more failures in one hour than have occurred during the other 116,232 hours of the 21st century combined. For the first time in history the US Air Force could not get interceptor fighters off the ground and into the sky. For the first time in history Air Traffic Control lost airliners for up to one hour and did not report it. For the first time in history low temperature, short-lived, fires on a few floors caused massive steel structures to weaken and collapse. For the first time in history 3 skyscrapers fell at essentially free fall acceleration without the benefit of controlled demolition removing resistance from below.

Two-thirds of Americans fell for this crackpot story. The left-wing fell for it, because they saw the story as the oppressed striking back at America’s evil empire. The right-wing fell for the story, because they saw it as the demonized Muslims striking out at American goodness. President George W. Bush expressed the right-wing view very well: “They hate us for our freedom and democracy.”

In the past, Roberts has said al-Qaeda’s role in 9/11 was unsubstantiated.  Roberts also wrote a defense of Helen Thomas on Roberts, an economist, previously served in the Reagan administration.

Read about what you missed last night


After it was reported that Lois Lerner fed IRS information on a conservative group to Elijah Cummings, I broke the news that Cummings owed IRS $30,000 in back taxes when he was going through financial difficulties in the 1990s (including child support payments for children he fathered with women other than his wife.)

Remember that fight Sunday at Annapolis in the office of Delegate Mary Dulany-James? Her legislative aide falsely told police a “black male” assaulted him before it emerged via police reports that he had allegedly gotten into a drunken brawl with his own brother.

Watch as Barbara Mikulski rants on the Senate floor and describes herself as “volcanic.”

Read about last night’s Candidate Open House in Anne Arundel County.

I also wrote about tonight’s GOP debate at JHU.

Larry Hogan provided an in-depth critique of the O’Malley-Brown era.