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Ryan Miner

The Talented Mr. Ryan Miner

Meet Ryan Miner.

The Hagerstown resident was in attendance at the Anne Arundel County Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner on Wednesday night, May 29, 2013 in Glen Burnie.

Eyewitnesses reported that Miner followed former Senate candidate (and potential Congressional candidate) Dan Bongino into the parking lot at Michael’s Eighth Avenue. Miner reportedly was involved in a drunken confrontation with Bongino (Miner was reportedly the drunk one as you will see in a moment) that resulted in Miner shouting and cursing at him. It’s a good thing Miner didn’t try to get physical with Bongino – it could have gotten ugly.

Sometime after that and before the DUI charges were filed at 1:22 a.m. on Thursday May 30, Mr. Miner was stopped by a Westminster Police officer on Route 140 Westbound at Route 31.

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Miner League

If you’ll recall, Miner followed Dan Bongino into the parking lot at an event in Glen Burnie in May 2013 and shouted and cursed at him. Later that night, he was stopped and charged with driving under the influence in Wesminster. Additionally, Miner was fired as driver for the Bongino for Senate campaign in 2012 under a cloud. In 2007, while a student at Duquesne, he was charged with assault, harassment, stalking, and other charges. He eventually pleaded guilty to physical harassment and simple assault and received two years of probation (See the graphic at the bottom of this post for more details.) He also referred to gays as “subhumans” while at Duquesne and eventually apologized for it after a firestorm of controversy. Miner has volunteered and interned for several campaigns and elected officials and ended up resigning from the campaign of Don Munson after the Pittsburgh convictions came to light. Ryan Miner also left the David Craig for Governor campaign in 2013 after the Bongino confrontation and the DUI charges came to light.

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In Defense of Ryan Miner

When I last wrote about Ryan Miner, I had offered him the chance to respond to what I’ve written about him. Mr. Miner respectfully declined.

I know it might seem like bizzarro world, but there are some people defending a man that got drunk and got into a screaming match with someone after a political event and then was stopped for drunk driving on the way home. It would be easy to chalk this up to “everyone makes mistakes” if this had been the first drunken confrontation Miner had gotten into at a political event. (I’ve heard of another similar confrontation.) Additionally, Miner’s track record of calling gays “subhuman” and apologizing for it, the plea deal he made on several stalking-related charges , and all of the other things that I have detailed and even some that I haven’t detailed all come into play.

Of course, some have said Miner is just a kid, but he’s 27 years old. Some have said that my blog posts are damaging to Mr. Miner. Maybe he should have thought about that when he actually did the things I wrote about. Of course, the most laughable notion I’ve heard is that Miner should get a lawyer and sue me for libel. What exactly is libelous about telling the truth about someone?

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Ryan Miner threatens to sue blogger over 3 tweets

I received the following email from Ryan Miner in June 2013:

Mr. Quinton –

Please stop tagging me in your posts. You have tagged me in 3 posts in the last week using Twitter. I consider this a serious form of harassment and I want you to immediately stop contacting me. I blocked you because I do not wish to follow your Twitter account. I respectfully request you stop contacting me using any form on[sic] social media. If you continue to contact me in any way, I will move forward with legal action.


Ryan R. Miner

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Miner threatens to sue blogger again

I received an error-filled letter from from Hagerstown attorney Lewis C. Metzner on 7/30/2013. The letter threatened a lawsuit if I didn’t stop using one particular turn of phrase about Miner’s criminal convictions.

I wished Mr. Metzner success in his continuing study of the English language. I also talked to multiple lawyers about the letter and they all provided negative criticism of the professionalism on display.

As a result of all this, I made plans to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania posthaste to look at Allegheny County court records to find out exactly what Ryan Miner confessed to in open court that resulted in his apparent guilty pleas to charges of Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact (18 § 2709 §§ A1 in PA Code) and Simple Assault (18 § 2701 §§ A3 in PA Code.)

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Delinquency of a Miner

I’m now including the text of the 2007 criminal complaint against Ryan Miner with comments in brackets to make clear who is being referred to in the redacted portions. Miner’s ex-fiancee will be referred to as [The victim] while the witnesses will be referred to as [Witness A] and [Witness B.]

The text (emphasis added):

[The victim] reported that her ex-fiance, Ryan Richard Miner, has physically assaulted her, threatened her with a gun, harassed her and has been stalking her since she broke off their engagement 5/07. She said she obtained PFAs [Protection from Abuse orders] at F.D. 07-00758, but they have not been served yet.

[The victim] said Miner struck her in the knee with a police baton at her previous address at 103 S. 13th St. which caused severe pain and bruising in early 2007. He slapped her in the face and has called her main place of employment identifying himself as Steve Chapman to [Witness A], who said she recognized his voice 8/1/07,falsely stating that he was a patient who was treated rudely by [the victim] and that she made his stay at Presbyterian Hospital a “horrible experience.” She said he gave [Witness A] his real phone number, 301-991-4420, and is suspected of calling her work asking personal questions about her. [The victim] said Miner was waiting across the street from her place of employment 8/6/07 about 1645 hours when she was leaving for the day. She said she turned in the opposite direction and did not see him again. Her former roommate, [Witness B], saw Miner parked outside [her] residence 8/7/07 about 1800 hours. ([The victim] said Miner is not aware she moved from that address.) She said Miner changed her password on her hotmail account and opened several of her e-mails. He also changed her e-mail address to her facebook account and now some of her friends and relatives have informed her Miner has posted a topless photo of her on the facebook site. (Miner owns the photo.)

[The victim] reported that 6/7/07 about 0300 hours (a week after they broke up) Miner was waiting for her outside her residence and asked if he could have the jewelry gifts he had given her during their relationship. She said he was peaceful, so she allowed him in to get the property. She said they soon started arguing and Miner pulled a Glock handgun, showed her it was loaded, and made a veiled threat to harm himself. Then he grabbed her from behind and held the gun hard against the side of her head and threatened, “If you scream, I’ll shoot.” She said he eventually left and she obtained the PFA’s.

[The victim] said Miner’s hair has changed to partially gray since their breakup. He is a full-time political science student at Duquesne University.

I will obtain an arrest warrant for Miner.

The sworn statement above was made by Kathleen Amoroso, a police officer in Pittsburgh.

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Living Rent-Free in Ryan Miner‘s Head

Ryan Miner was vaguebooking when he posted the following on Facebook (emphasis added):

Watching HBO’s The Newsroom tonight has taught me that even Will McAcoy [sic] sweats his online media critics.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t read our critics and take what they say personally, and during the darkest of our hours, we learn we cannot control anything anybody says about us, even it’s [sic]  total bullshit.

Critics make us stronger and remind us to be humble. That builds character.

Of course, Will McAvoy never put a Glock to a terrified woman’s head. Maybe Miner should have left his Facebook account deactivated the other day when he took it down.

After that post, Don Murphy replied by comparing Miner to Teddy Roosevelt by misapplying a quote that Murphy posts online all the time – a quote about “the critic” and the the man “in the arena” from TR’s Citizenship in a Republic speech given in Paris in 1910. If you take Murphy’s theory to its logical end, Jack the Ripper had his critics too and he was a man in the arena.

Miner’s ultimate critic might be the criminal justice system, however. Terrorizing women and taking on airs of oppressed nobility when people remind you of your past is not the same thing as being criticized for your viewpoints.

If the criticisms of Miner are “total bullshit” then why was he fired from Don Munson’s campaign in 2010 after the Pittsburgh convictions came to light?

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In April 2014, I wrote a note about Miner and second chances in the context of his run for the Washington County Board of Education. In hindsight, this note wasn’t a mistake at the time but I wouldn’t have written it then if I knew what I’ve learned since about his behavior in the intervening time period as he blogs and does an internet radio show.