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John Delaney’s Pro-Abortion Extremism

John Delaney

John Delaney is a pro-abortion extremist. Nominating a pro-abortion Republican, or one who is otherwise confused on the issues, won’t make it any easier to knock him off in November.

John Delaney’s Extremist Views

On September 18, 2015, Delaney voted against H.R. 3504. That bill, also known as the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, would protect babies born as the result of a botched abortion.

More from GovTrack:

H.R. 3504 would require that a child born alive during an attempted abortion be given the same medical treatment as any other child born at that gestation time would be. It would impose criminal penalties of fines or imprisonment of up to five years on medical practitioners that fail to do this, as well as punish medical practitioners that intentionally kill or attempt to kill a born-alive child for having intentionally killed or attempted to kill a human being.

A friend and former colleague of mine, Jill Stanek, witnessed babies being left to die after botched abortions when she worked as a nurse in Illinois. She testified before a U.S. House Committee on legislation in 2000 and before that she testified before a State Senate committee in Illinois. She noted that in both cases Barack Obama opposed protecting children who were born as the result of an unsuccessful abortion.

John Delaney thinks it’s just fine to let living, breathing babies die after a failed abortion. Any candidate running against him who is pro-abortion or otherwise wobbly on the issues involved will forfeit any moral authority.

Also on September 18 last year, Delaney voted against H.R. 3134, which would have defunded Planned Parenthood.

On October 23, 2015, John Delaney voted against a reconcilation bill, H.R. 3762, that also would have defunded Planned Parenthood. The bill passed the Senate and was immediately vetoed by President Barack Obama. On February 2, 2016, Delaney voted against overriding the reconciliation bill’s veto.

In light of all the video evidence that emerged last year, and all the other evidence against the nation’s largest abortion provider, it is unconscionable that anyone would support continued funding for the abortion giant.

Delaney also voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in a vote last May. This bill would have restricted abortion at the 20th week of pregnancy and beyond, where the unborn child is feeling pain, except in the case of rape and incest. This restriction is supported by the vast majority of Americans, with a higher percentage of men supporting it than women.

If you’re seeking the nomination to run against Delaney, and all you say is that the abortion issue is “settled law” then you show your ignorance of all the issues and nuances involved.

Who Shares John Delaney’s Views?

Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have shared Delaney’s views. In fact, the Gipper famously proclaimed, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

While some “libertarians” in the Republican Party claim that a position supporting abortion is “pro-liberty”, that’s just not the case. Rand Paul is one of many in the pro-liberty movement who don’t find supporting abortion to be consistent with liberty.

David Vogt and Frank Howard don’t share John Delaney’s views. Vogt was endorsed by Maryland Right to Life in the Republican Primary next week in MD-6. Howard is pro-life and a supporter of Susan B. Anthony List, a national pro-life group.

Others who actually share John Delaney’s views include Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Martin O’Malley, and Donna Edwards. It’s notable that Edwards was endorsed by the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate. Edwards has also been endorsed by Emily’s List.

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MD Right to Life 2016 primary endorsements

MD Right to Life

MD Right to Life sent an email out to their members Friday listing all their PAC’s primary endorsements for the 2016 primaries later this month.

Notable endorsements included:

  • Rep. Andy Harris in the First District Congressional primary.
  • Kathy Szeliga in the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate Race.
  • David Vogt in the GOP primary for the Sixth Congressional District.
  • Ed Tinus in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.

The pro-life group also endorsed Republican Larry Wardlow in the Baltimore Mayor’s race.

Full List of MD Right to Life Endorsements

Office Sought Party Candidate Name
U.S. Senate Republican Kathy Szeliga
U.S. Senate Democrat Ed Tinus
U.S. Congress- District 1 Republican Andy Harris
U.S. Congress- District 2 Republican Pat McDonough
U.S. Congress- District 6 Republican David Vogt
U.S. Congress- District 7 Republican William Newton
U.S. Congress- District 8 Republican
Dan Cox
Mayor- Baltimore City Republican Larry Wardlow

MD Right to Life makes primary endorsements


Maryland Right to Life released some endorsements in primary elections this year. In the Governor’s race, they have yet to make an endorsement. I suspect that their decision will be between David Craig, Ron George, and Charles Lollar. Craig and George have a long pro-life record and Lollar has consistently shown that he understands the issues involved and is pro-life. Larry Hogan could get the endorsement, but I am not sure that he should.

In congressional races they have endorsed Andy Harris, who officially has a primary opponent (who has no chance), and Dan Bongino, who faces a primary opponent with little proof of his existence if you look for him online. MDRTL also endorsed incumbent Senator David Brinkley over Delegate Mike Hough in the primary for Brinkley’s senate seat. Other endorsements in senate races include Gail Bates, Bryan Simonaire, and Ed DeGrange.

In house races, Kathy Afzali, Barrie Ciliberti, and Kelly Schulz were endorsed by MD Right to Life in District 4. That means that Mike Hough’s slate had two candidates endorsed, but not Hough himself or David Vogt. In District 31B, MD RTL endorsed Nic Kipke and Megan Simonaire, but (at least for now) not Don Dwyer. You can also read the rest of the endorsements in house races.

In county races, the campaign of Tony Campbell for Baltimore County Executive and David Marks for Baltimore County Council were endorsed. In Montgomery County, Robert Dyer was endorsed for county council.

I am not sure when the next round of endorsements will be made but there are definitely some names missing from the list that should be on it. I assume they are still making decisions in those races since no other candidates are endorsed yet.

David Vogt and Barrie Ciliberti report anemic fundraising totals


David Vogt only raised $2300 between February 13 and April 8 according to a report he filed earlier this week. Barrie Ciliberti, who is on a slate including Vogt, Kathy Afzali, and Mike Hough, only raised $3750 between February 24 and April 8.

Looking at Vogt’s fundraising, he reported raising $2300 and spending $0 yet somehow managed to have a $1657.50 bank account balance at the end of the filing period (instead of $2300 which is listed as his cash balance in a separate box on the form.) Vogt had problems with getting his on-hand balance right in his congressional campaign before he bailed on that bid.

$1000 of Vogt’s contributions were:

  • $500 he gave to his own campaign
  • $250 in a personal contribution from Kathy Afzali
  • $250 from Mike Hough’s campaign committee

Of the $2300 in total receipts, 43.5% came from Vogt or other members of his slate. Vogt received $1000 from B&E Associates GP in Hagerstown. That business has only given money to Bob Ehrlich (in both 2006 and 2010) before. B&E Associates shares the same address as Ewing Oil Company and Prudential Bowen Realty in Hagerstown. Vogt had three other donors who gave him a combined total of $300.

The lack of expenditures listed on Vogt’s finance report is troubling since he had a much-publicized campaign kickoff event in Brunswick on March 23 that included free lunch to those who attended. There are no in-kind contributions listed on the form for food or for anything else. Additionally, all of Vogt’s contributions, except the Hough one in February, were in March. Vogt had been pushing to raise $5000 in the first fifteen days in April on Facebook. Through April 8, those efforts produced no results.

Barrie Ciliberti reported a cash balance and bank account balance at the end of the period that were the same, unlike Vogt. Ciliberti reported that he raised $3750 and spent $941.90 leaving him with $2808.10 on hand.

He received $250 from the campaign account of Mike Hough and $250 from the campaign account of Kathy Afzali. $200 came from other people with the last name of Ciliberti. His largest contributions were from Monocacy Crossing, Inc. and Robert K. Regan, who both gave $1000 each. He received $1000 combined from three other contributors.

Ciliberti’s largest expense was $642.50 to a printer in Seattle for brochures. Most of his other expenditures were for campaign field expenses and reimbursements and a small amount for postage.

Afzali, Vogt, and Ciliberti have a primary in June that will also include Kelly Schulz and Wendi Peters.

Here’s the Vogt report:

David Vogt's campaign finance report – April 15, 2014

Here’s Ciliberti’s report:

Barrie Ciliberti Finance Report, 4/15/14

Confirmed: Mike Hough’s slate in District 4


On March 11, I wrote about the “the newly-formed slate of candidates that includes Senate candidate Mike Hough and House candidates [David] Vogt, Kathy Afzali, and Barrie Ciliberti.”

Here’s what Joe Steffen wrote about the matter on March 13:

So, anyway, based upon some rumblings I was hearing, I asked Michael Hough if he was running as part of a slate, and here’s what he told me:

“No slate as of now.  I’m willing to do joint things together if there are delegates who are conservative and want to work together.”

So, as of right now, Michael Hough is slate-less.  When I thanked him for his answer and told him that I’d seen a few things hinting that he was in a slate with “Vogt and others,” he added:

“Right now it’s just me, but not opposed to working with others as long as they are conservative.”

I followed up Steffen’s report with a clarification based on Hough’s remarks to him while also pointing out that Hough has a slate for Frederick County GOP Central Committee candidates.

The following palm card is out in the wild now:


The literature above refers to Hough, Afzali, Ciliberti, and Vogt as “Maryland’s Conservative Team” while saying they “will fight to cut the O’Malley/Brown budget, lower taxes, defend the 2nd Amendment, and protect life.”

Additionally, note that the authority line includes each candidate’s campaign separately. So, technically this may not be a “slate” under election laws, but the candidates are indeed working together, which many laymen would refer to as a slate regardless of the legal technicalities involved.

As I noted before:

I have to wonder what Hough gains by this slate if that’s what is happening. I would think he would be a strong candidate alone and might be dragged down by all of the house candidates listed.

Hough has a lot of campaign money that could help all of these candidates out, but he’s a strong conservative candidate in his own right, so I’m not sure what he gains from this arrangement.

On February 19, I reported that Hough was going to lose his House GOP leadership position due to his Senate bid. I got denials from Minority Leader Nic Kipke and other sources in Annapolis. Then, the next day, Hough resigned his leadership position. Then there are denials of the slate report that ultimately end up being the truth.

Hough faces incumbent Senator David Brinkley, who voted for taxpayer-funded abortion, in the primary. Vogt, Afzali, and Ciliberti are facing Wendi Peters and Kelly Schulz in the primary.