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MoCo, PG Counties lead MD in release of unaccompanied immigrant children


Newsbusters reports:

The “Office of Refugee Resettlement” in the government’s Department of Health and Human Services has released a county-by-county list of 29,890 unaccompanied children sent “to safe settings with sponsors (usually family members).” Year-to-date, the number, according to an HHS state-by-state list, is 37,477. This has occurred “while they await immigration proceedings.”

Now that they’re out in the general population, we’re still supposed to believe that the majority of these “children” (more on that later) will ultimately be deported. After all, that’s what White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on July 7

If you look at the list referenced above you will see that the top counties in Maryland are Montgomery and Prince George’s County.

Other counties missing from the list may still have received under 50 immigrant children since January 1:

The following table shows county-level data for unaccompanied children released to sponsors by the counties where the sponsors live, where 50 or more children have been released since January 1, 2014.  This data covers 126 counties nationwide, and comprises 29,890 of the 37,477 total children released to sponsors in this period.  ACF will update this data each month.

Here’s the complete list for Maryland via the Office of Refugee Resettlement:

  • Prince George’s County 960
  • Montgomery County – 816
  • Baltimore City – 264
  • Baltimore County – 206
  • Anne Arundel County – 145
  • Frederick County – 139
  • Howard County – 102

Confirmed: Mike Hough’s slate in District 4


On March 11, I wrote about the “the newly-formed slate of candidates that includes Senate candidate Mike Hough and House candidates [David] Vogt, Kathy Afzali, and Barrie Ciliberti.”

Here’s what Joe Steffen wrote about the matter on March 13:

So, anyway, based upon some rumblings I was hearing, I asked Michael Hough if he was running as part of a slate, and here’s what he told me:

“No slate as of now.  I’m willing to do joint things together if there are delegates who are conservative and want to work together.”

So, as of right now, Michael Hough is slate-less.  When I thanked him for his answer and told him that I’d seen a few things hinting that he was in a slate with “Vogt and others,” he added:

“Right now it’s just me, but not opposed to working with others as long as they are conservative.”

I followed up Steffen’s report with a clarification based on Hough’s remarks to him while also pointing out that Hough has a slate for Frederick County GOP Central Committee candidates.

The following palm card is out in the wild now:


The literature above refers to Hough, Afzali, Ciliberti, and Vogt as “Maryland’s Conservative Team” while saying they “will fight to cut the O’Malley/Brown budget, lower taxes, defend the 2nd Amendment, and protect life.”

Additionally, note that the authority line includes each candidate’s campaign separately. So, technically this may not be a “slate” under election laws, but the candidates are indeed working together, which many laymen would refer to as a slate regardless of the legal technicalities involved.

As I noted before:

I have to wonder what Hough gains by this slate if that’s what is happening. I would think he would be a strong candidate alone and might be dragged down by all of the house candidates listed.

Hough has a lot of campaign money that could help all of these candidates out, but he’s a strong conservative candidate in his own right, so I’m not sure what he gains from this arrangement.

On February 19, I reported that Hough was going to lose his House GOP leadership position due to his Senate bid. I got denials from Minority Leader Nic Kipke and other sources in Annapolis. Then, the next day, Hough resigned his leadership position. Then there are denials of the slate report that ultimately end up being the truth.

Hough faces incumbent Senator David Brinkley, who voted for taxpayer-funded abortion, in the primary. Vogt, Afzali, and Ciliberti are facing Wendi Peters and Kelly Schulz in the primary.

Report: Blank Slate for Hough


I previously reported that Mike Hough or other members of a slate that included him, Kathy Afzali, Barrie Ciliberti, and David Vogt might appear at David Vogt’s Spring Fling later this month. Since then, Hough told Joe Steffen that he was not a part of a slate now but wouldn’t be opposed to working with other conservatives in the future. It would appear that Hough was floating a trial balloon or backed off after the negative reaction to some of the others listed on what was supposed to be his slate.

However, there are slates in the race for Frederick County GOP Central Committee.

Hough’s slate for Central Committee includes his wife (who has never been to a CC meeting), Ted Dacey, Mary Rolle, Michael Hill, Jason Miller, John Bates, and Cynthia Houser.Then there is the Republicans for Frederick County slate (which is effectively the Campaign for Liberty slate backed by Collins Bailey.) On this slate are Darren Wigfield, Jason Laird, Jason Vinyard, Ben Reddington,Mike Bowersox, Russ Burdett, Edward Allen Heine, Joel Lea- Wilson, and Matt Salomon. The rest of the candidates not affiliated with either slate are Joe Parsley, Mike Catoe, Cyndi Schaff, Regis Gamble, and Daniel Cowell.

Getting back to the other story involving Vogt’s Spring Fling, I heard from  a Frederick County activist that managers go in alone on Sundays and prepare food for events being held on a day Chick-Fil-A is closed. I have inquired with Chick-Fil-A’s corporate communications office and they are gathering more information so they can answer the question of whether this would be a violation of their corporate policy.

I also have confirmed separately that David Vogt works in management at a Chick-Fil-A in the Frederick area.

David Vogt claims to be serving Chick-Fil-A at a Sunday event


UPDATE: A local GOP activist in the Frederick area notes on Facebook that Chick-Fil-A provides food for numerous Sunday events and that a manager will go in on Sunday alone to prepare the food. I’ve already emailed corporate communications at Chick-Fil-A and I’ve heard back from them and should be hearing back from them again. I will continue to update the situation.

David Vogt has a Spring Fling event scheduled on March 23 in Brunswick. He stated today that a special guest will be at the event now, and I’m hearing speculation that this will be the first public appearance some ore all of the members of the newly-formed slate of candidates that includes Senate candidate Mike Hough and House candidates Vogt, Kathy Afzali, and Barrie Ciliberti. I have to wonder what Hough gains by this slate if that’s what is happening. I would think he would be a strong candidate alone and might be dragged down by all of the house candidates listed.

Getting back to the Vogt Spring Fling;  that event on March 23 will feature a “Free Chick-Fil-A Lunch.”

The first question that comes to mind: how will Vogt afford that?

Then, the next question that comes to mind: does Vogt realize Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sunday?

If so, then that means he is going to be pre-ordering and picking up the sandwiches or party trays on Saturday and reheating them on Sunday for that event. That brings up all sorts of potential food safety issues. Everybody knows Chick-Fil-A closes on Sunday, so who will want to show up for day-old chicken sandwiches or nuggets?

Other candidates running for the House of Delegates are Kelly Schulz and Wendi Peters, who was just endorsed by Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

Here’s the flier for the event:


Bartlett’s wife and his former chief of staff running for Frederick County Council


UPDATE: I hear that Ellen Bartlett will likely withdraw – that she was trying to scare Bud Otis out of the race before he ended up filing for an at-large seat. There are other Republicans running in District 1.

Ellen Bartlett, wife of former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, is running for District 1 for Frederick County Council. Bartlett’s former chief of staff Bud Otis is also running for county council. However, Otis is running for an at-large council seat.

Of course, Bud Otis was previously fired (or forced to resign) by Bartlett for disloyalty after allegedly trying to set up his own campaign for the congressional seat . Rep. Neil Parrott even said that Otis tried to line up support for a bid while Otis was still working in Bartlett’s congressional office.

In 2011, the following was written about Bud Otis working for Bartlett:

On Mr. Cox’s departure, Harold F. (Bud) Otis, Jr., took over. His strongest credential apparently was that he shared Mr. Bartlett’s Seventh-day Adventist membership. Before being summoned to Capitol Hill, he was president of the church’s Family Enrichment Resources, infamous within Seventh-day Adventist circles for producing and selling a videotape Biblical series. Coming off a controversial and troubled stewardship, Mr. Otis markedly restricted access to his boss.

During my Washington years, I saw this frequently. In order to keep their jobs, Capitol Hill staffs shut off elected officials from most matters the employees choose to ignore. In every instance, the representative or senator was defeated at the polls, sooner or later. But I’m sure “Bud” Otis has his retirement well planned.

Otis was most recently seen working for the failed congressional campaign of David Vogt. Otis reportedly left the Vogt campaign in the weeks before Vogt announced he was quitting. It was rumored that both Vogt and Otis were running for county council. However, Vogt decided to run for the House in District 4.

A recent article indicated that Roscoe and Ellen Bartlett have been living in West Virginia. They apparently didn’t see their Maryland home and she is living there.  Her filing today indicates an address on Buckeystown Pike in Frederick.