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Murphy’s Law

murphyMeet lobbyist Don Murphy. Murphy likes to style himself a “maverick” in the mold of John McCain, but his behavior shows him to be a cheerleader for the party establishment.

You’ve already learned all about his Mini-Me, convicted stalker Ryan Miner, in some of my previous pieces (See: The Talented Mr. Miner, Miner League, and In Defense of Ryan Miner.)

It is a commonly known fact that Miner and Murphy went to the recent Republican Party of Virginia convention in Richmond together. They both talked about it online extensively.


Additionally, Miner made the tweets shown below talking about being with Murphy and also about drinking :


The tweets above not only prove that Miner is Murphy’s minion, but also provide further evidence of Miner’s alcohol use. This tweet was likely made in conjunction with either a MD GOP Pathfinders meeting in Annapolis for campaigns and committees or a Carroll County Central Committee meeting. If you’ll recall from what I wrote before about Miner, he was intoxicated at the Anne Arundel County GOP’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner when he went after Dan Bongino in the parking lot. He later got stopped for drunk driving on the way home from that event. I heard initially that Murphy, who hates Dan Bongino, was indirectly involved in that confrontation. I’ve now heard it from numerous sources. At the very least, Murphy instigated the confrontation by egging on a drunken Miner to go after Bongino. I’ve also heard from at least one person that Murphy got Miner liquored up before pushing him into it.

Murphy has had his own vehicular brush with the law in recent years. In January of 2010, Don Murphy was stopped for driving without current tags in Baltimore County. Murphy failed to make a traffic court appearance on February 19 of that year and his license was suspended. His license was suspended until March of 2012 when he was charged with driving with a suspended license in Howard County. The driving with a suspended license charges were nolle prossed and he was found guilty of the 2010 charges related to expired tags in March of 2012. Murphy was fined $60. How do you drive around with a suspended license for two years?

Murphy’s animosity towards Dan Bongino dates back to the 2012 campaign cycle when Bongino was running for the U.S. Senate. Murphy has made various attacks on Bongino, many of them observable on Facebook. Of course, many of them are gone now. In a move that further proves Murphy’s connection to his flunky Ryan Miner, I was told that Murphy scrubbed his Facebook wall after my original post on Miner appeared.

As I mentioned before, Miner has animosity towards Bongino because of his being fired from the Bongino campaign, so that made him the perfect vehicle for Murphy to use to continue his own crusade against Bongino. Some of the things Murphy said in ’12 about Bongino included implying that Bongino was fired from the Secret Service. Murphy was implying they fired Bongino, who was good enough at his job to be an instructor at the Secret Service’s academy and was one of the most distinguished agents in the history of the protective details. Murphy also made cracks about Secret Service agents not being brave, that at the sound of gunfire they just hopped in a limousine. Miner has also continuously been critical of Bongino.

Miner was a high profile volunteer with portfolio for the David Craig gubernatorial campaign until my original piece about his past. In the course of his tenure there he took many similar digs at Bongino to try to build Craig up. Now that he is no longer associated with Craig, I hear Miner is involved in some way, likely as a volunteer if not more, with the MD-06 congressional campaign of David Vogt. What a coincidence. Right after Miner’s drunken attack on Bongino, Bongino confirmed he was running for Congress in MD-06. (I broke that news a few days earlier before Miner’s night of drunkenness.) Of course, now it appears Murphy has discovered Vogt as a candidate and is now supporting him because it gives him a chance to continue to attack Bongino.

I have nothing negative to say about Vogt, who is a Marine veteran who served as a legal service specialist in the Corps. I would think he would do wisely to dissociate himself from Miner and Murphy. He also might want to disssociate himself from Blair Pettrey, who I wrote about as well (here, here, and here.) She apparently is supporting his candidacy.

A longtime Republican activist and former Central Commitee member had the following to say about Murphy:

Elected to the House of Delegates in 1994; hard working campaigner, quit in 2002 to become a lobbyist. Cozy with some Democrats now. Not trusted by many Republicans, likes to ruminate and offer “insight” (which journalists eat up), but does nothing to help the party at all.

Murphy is quite cozy with some Democrats. His business partner is former Delegate Gill Genn. Genn is a Democrat and was called to testify to the grand jury in the corruption case of Ulysses Currie. Murphy is also tight with consultant Lawrence Scott, who has shown he has no problem working for Democrats against Republicans. Murphy also consulted for Eric Wargotz, who ran for the U.S. Senate unsuccessfully. Wargotz previously donated money to the gubernatorial campaign of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a Democrat. Wargotz also drew the ire of conservatives for some things he did in Queen Anne’s County as well as his support for Obamacare providing health care to illegal aliens.

Murphy’s lobbying activities show he has no qualms about putting profit above his principles, unless he wants to say as a supposed conservative that he supports the principles of everyone he lobbied for. Exhibit A : Murphy lobbied for SEIU (a quick rundown on them is here) in 2006.

As others have said above, Murphy is an observer who likes to be quoted in the newspaper. He also likes to think of himself as the arbiter of who a true Republican is as well as a kingmaker. Murphy also likes to hang around the election board on filing deadline night, as an article comparing him to Beetlejuice makes clear.

His constant, petty attacks on his fellow Republicans show he really isn’t deserving of any of those roles. Murphy’s use of his toady Ryan Miner and their support of candidates show that he is primarily concerned with grudges and carrying out personal vendettas, instead of working to elect Republicans.

I’ll make the same offer that Ryan Miner previously declined and that Blair Pettrey accepted. If Don Murphy wants to respond, I will run his response to this post unedited. Murphy, or anyone else who wants to contact me with more information on him, can send an email to Additionally, others mentioned in this article, including Gil Genn, David Vogt, Lawrence Scott, or anyone else, can send a response as well and the same terms apply.

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