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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson to speak at GOP conference later this week


Robert Stacy McCain breaks the news that Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is speaking at the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans later this week.

More on the event:

Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson family and star of the series “Duck Dynasty,” will address the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference, Thursday May 29th at 6pm. Also speaking on Thursday evening are RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sen. Ron Johnson and Ben Sasse.

Other Speakers at the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference include Governor Rick Perry, Governor Phil Bryant, US Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, & David Vitter; Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Allen West! The Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans has become one of the premier political events in the country. 

McCain will be covering the event on his blog, The Other McCain.

A&E reverses course and lifts Phil Robertson’s suspension

USA Today

A&E has ducked away from a controversy surrounding the stars of its hugely popular reality series Duck Dynasty.

The network issued a statement late Friday backing off from its previously announced suspension of Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the clan behind the successful Louisiana-based Duck Commanderduck-calling business. The suspension was triggered by Robertson’s interview with GQ, published last week, in which he made anti-gay statements, which he said reflected his religious beliefs.


In a statement, the network cited its “core values” of “inclusion and mutual respect” to explain why “we reacted so quickly and strongly.” “While Phil’s comments made in the interview reflect his personal views based on his own beliefs, and his own personal journey, he and his family have publicly stated they regret the ‘coarse language’ he used and the misinterpretation of his core beliefs based only on the article. He also made it clear he would ‘never incite or encourage hate.’ We at A+E Networksexpressed our disappointment with his statements in the article, and reiterate that they are not views we hold.”

The statement then offered some wiggle room: “But Duck Dynasty is not a show about one man’s views. It resonates with a large audience because it is a show about family… a family that America has come to love. As you might have seen in many episodes, they come together to reflect and pray for unity, tolerance and forgiveness,” the statement said. “After discussions with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, A&E has decided to resume filming Duck Dynasty later this spring with the entire Robertson family.”

And they dump this news on a late Friday afternoon on December 27th.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson snubs Barbara Walters to go hunting

A+E Networks 2013 Upfront


Radar Online is reporting that Robertson bailed on Walter’s ‘Most Fascinating People’ interview last month for the ABC network.

Walters talked with other members of the Robertson family, and Phil’s wife, Miss Kay, reportedly told her that the 67-year old founder of Duck Commander would rather shoot ducks than do the interview.

Walters says on-air that she has, “never been superseded by a duck before.”

I don’t blame him. I’d rather be in a duck blind or almost anywhere else other than talking to Barbara Walters.

Phil Robertson is the author of Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander. Be sure to pick a copy up and read it if you haven’t already.

Congressional candidate supported by Duck Dynasty patriarch wins special election


Associated Press

Vance McAllister, a political newcomer with the backing of the popular “Duck Dynasty” TV family, was elected Saturday as Louisiana’s newest member of Congress.

McAllister, who largely self-funded his campaign, beat establishment candidate Neil Riser, a state senator, in a special runoff election for the vacant 5th District seat.

Both men are Republicans.

With almost all of the vote counted, McAllister had a commanding lead.

McAllister, a businessman with multiple companies, ran as a political outsider, capitalizing on frustration with politicians and Congress. As a point of pride during the campaign, he said he’d never been to Washington.

Riser, a funeral home owner in the Senate since 2008, campaigned on his experience in the Legislature and with the support of tea party groups.


McAllister’s ability to reach the runoff in a pack of 14 candidates, including six elected officials, caught many by surprise. He made the runoff with little outside help, no prior name recognition and no heavyweight fundraising.

His friendship with “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson helped draw attention to his long-shot bid for office, and McAllister’s own deep pockets paid for most of his campaign expenses.

McAllister spent at least $800,000 of his own money on the race, according to the Federal Election Commission. By comparison, Riser raised a similar amount and put no personal wealth into the campaign.

Originally, there was talk that Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty might run for the seat.



Editors originally cut out the word Jesus during Duck Dynasty prayers


CBS Houston reports on an interview with Phil Robertson:

Robertson also said that the name Jesus has been cut out during the family’s prayer scene at the end of the show.

“So they would just have me saying, ‘Thank you Lord for the food, thank you for loving us. Amen.’ So I said, ‘Why would you cut out ‘In Jesus’ name?’ They said, ‘Well those editors are probably doing that. They just think that they don’t want to offend some of the Muslims or something.’”

Robertson said that since that conversation the show has been leaving “Jesus” in the show.

“So I notice now they are … leaving it in there, but you got to remember, spiritual warfare,” Robertson said. “I mean you have people with no moral compass, it ain’t there.”

I had heard there were a lot of games being played by the people doing the show and the cast because of religious things that came up. Things that

the Robertson family would normally do would end up on the editing room floor if they didn’t take extraordinary measures to make their faith more obvious.

Then there’s the whole thing of the editors putting in bleeps when there is no profanity being used:
In an interview with Sports Spectrum TV earlier this year that’s only recently gone viral, Phil Robertson admitted that fake bleeps were inserted into the show even though there was no cursing happening.

“The inserted fake bleeps … like somebody had used profanity, but no one had used profanity,” Robertson said. “I ask those guys that produce the show … ‘What’s the point of the fake bleeps?’”

The interview with Phil and Willie Robertson is below: